Will medieval armor withstand modern weapons? (video)

Knight's armor has lost its relevanceafter the invention and mass introduction of firearms. However, will steel armor be able to withstand modern pistols and rifles? This question was answered by enthusiasts from the DemolitionRanch resource, who have already delighted fans of small arms with shooting from a rifle with a barrel bent back.

When firing a pistol from a distance of 10 steps, the shield and breastplate were able to hold back the bullets, but the chain mail did not cope with the task - several rings were torn out by the bullet.

The durability test when fired with a 12-gauge shotgun was quite successful for the armor. The shield successfully dealt with the shot, but several shot through it and got stuck in the breastplate.

9-gauge submachine gun left no chancemedieval armor. Bullets pierced both the helmet, breastplate and the knight's chain mail. The shooting of the chain mail folded separately showed that the army Browning easily pierces the armor, and when fired from an automatic rifle, the chain links were simply torn to shreds.