Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces New 6 GHz Wi-Fi 6E Standard

Based in Austin (Texas, USA) Wi-FiThe Alliance has officially announced the planned introduction of a new 6 GHz frequency standard for use in wireless technologies. Currently, the Wi-Fi 6 standard (IEEE 802.11ax) supports the operation of devices in two Wi-Fi frequency bands - 2.4 and 5 GHz. However, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, a group of industrial enterprises producing computer equipment and wireless Wi-Fi equipment and forming industry standards for Wi-Fi networks, in the near future it will be possible to operate at such a frequency of 6 GHz. The new standard will be called Wi-Fi 6E.

For Wi-Fi 6E to work, it requiresobtaining permission from regulatory authorities around the world. The Wi-Fi Alliance is confident that such permission will be obtained in the near future. Using the Wi-Fi 6E standard will increase productivity, reduce latency and provide higher data transfer speeds.

6 GHz helps meet growingthe need for bandwidth of the Wi-Fi spectrum, in particular, to overcome the problem of the lack of channels providing independent operation of the devices. So when using the Wi-Fi 6E standard, it will be possible to provide an additional 14 channels with a width of 80 MHz and 7 channels with a width of 160 MHz.

Wi-Fi 6E devices will use morewide channels and additional capacity to provide greater network performance and support at the same time more Wi-Fi users, even in very dense and congested environments.

Representatives of the Wi-Fi Alliance say in 2020The introduction of Wi-Fi 6E will begin a period of innovation in wireless technology. Devices supporting a frequency of Wi-Fi at 6 GHz can enter the market before the end of the year. First of all, it will be smartphones and routers, and in the future the production of devices of a corporate scale will be launched.

Source: WiFi