Why you need to choose the right vacuum cleaner and which one is better to buy

What do you know about vacuum cleaners? Despite the fact that it is extremelya common household appliance, most likely a little. Of course, you are aware of its purpose, which is to suck in dust, but this is probably where your knowledge is limited. Meanwhile, this is an extremely interesting invention with a rich history, which is really interesting, if not to study, then at least to understand it. After all, this is important for your health.

Vacuum cleaners are such a familiar thing to us, but so misunderstood

First, let's go over some interesting facts:

  • The first vacuum cleaners appeared in the United States in 1869. They had approximately the same principle of operation as modern solutions, but were extremely cumbersome. Therefore, they were transported on horse sleds.
  • Initially vacuum cleaners were not household solutions, but not because of the size, but because of the exhaust(they were running on a gasoline engine) and extremely loud noises. Therefore, they were installed on carts and taken to customers, and then they pulled the tube through the window and cleaned the apartment from dust from the street.
  • Similar vacuum cleaners still exist today. They equip truckswho drive through the city streets and collect dustbefore wet cleaning. The nozzles of such vacuum cleaners are installed directly on the wheelbase, and then the special equipment simply drives on public roads and vacuums them.

Vacuum cleaners used to be just a service like forklifts and cranes

  • Smallest known vacuum cleanerentered in the Guinness Book of Records has a lengthonly 5.6 cm. This baby can even fit in a pocket. Another thing is that only a dollhouse can be removed with its help, but not apartments and not even a dog kennel.
  • In the Stalinist skyscrapers of Moscow, the past provided common house dust collection system... A pipeline was connected to each apartment,which in turn was connected to a huge cyclonic vacuum cleaner. All that was left for the tenants was to turn on the vacuum cleaner and walk with a tube and a brush over the places where dust had accumulated.
  • In today's world we have no needrush to extremes. Because the vacuum cleaners that are on the market today do not need to be transported on carts, but can simply be lifted with the effort of one hand. True, for this you need to choose the appropriate model, which would be both comfortable to use and quite effective when cleaning.

    After all, dry cleaning, which simply involvesdust collection is extremely important for maintaining health. The dust that settles on the floor, furniture and other surfaces tends to accumulate, and its inhalation can provoke various diseases from the nose debt and aggravate asthma and asthmatic bronchitis.

Which cordless vacuum cleaner to choose

Dreame P10 - super-convenient and super-modern vacuum cleaner

Despite the fact that time autonomous operation of the cordless vacuum cleaner limited, remember when you vacuumed longer50 minutes straight? It seems never. Usually this procedure takes about half an hour, and even then, if the area of ​​the apartment is large enough, and you love cleanliness too much to finish cleaning faster.

For ease of use, the Dreame P10 is equipped withcolor LED-display, which displays current information about cleaning and the state of the vacuum cleaner itself. Here you can track the remaining battery charge, power changes depending on the selected operating mode, or find out in time about filling and the need to clean the vacuum cleaner.

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Comparison of cordless vacuum cleaners

The Dreame P10 is undeniably a very cool vacuum cleaner. But there is something better. Dreame P10 Pro Is an advanced version of the original P10,which differs from it in an improved set of characteristics and a wider range of applications. It has all the same features as the classic model, but has a number of significant advantages.

Differences between Dreame P10 and P10 Pro:

  • Motor: Dreame P10 - 350 W, Dreame P10 Pro - 410 W
  • Suction power: Dreame P10 - 100 Aut, Dreame P10 Pro - 130 Aut
  • Battery: Dreame P10 - 7 * 2000 mAh, Dreame P10 Pro - 7 * 2500 mAh
  • Working hours: Dreame P10 - 50 minutes, Dreame P10 Pro - 60 minutes
  • Charging time: Dreame P10 - 2.5h, Dreame P10 Pro - 3.5h

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However, technical specifications are not everything. Dreame P10 Pro optional mini brush, which is driven by an electric drive.It is put on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner itself without using a metal tube and can be used to clean fabric surfaces. For example, a sofa, armchairs, pillows or rugs and seats in a car.

Which of the two vacuum cleaner to choose, you decide.Despite the fact that one model is considered more advanced, and the other less, in fact, it is one and the same vacuum cleaner with a number of technically significant, but not very significant in practice differences. Therefore, I would suggest starting from your use cases.

If you have to vacuum regularly, do notonly floors and carpets, but also furniture, a car or collecting animal hair, perhaps the best option would be the Dreame P10 Pro due to the corresponding nozzle and higher power. And if nothing of the kind is foreseen, you can save money and bet on the classic Dreame P10. In any case, you will not be disappointed.

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Along with a discount of 1250 rubles, which can be obtained by promo code OWHP1250 in honor of the sale 11.11, the first 50 buyers of the Dreame P10 will receive an Oclean X toothbrush as a gift, and the 50 who buy the Dreame P10 Pro will receive an Oclean X Pro Elite. In addition, among all those who bought a vacuum cleaner, there will be a raffle 2 coupons for the next purchase on Aliexpress in denominations of $ 160 and $ 190 respectively.