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Why vegetarians suffer more hangovers than meat eaters

Vegetarians refuse to eat meat becauseit is cruel to animals and has a beneficial effect on health. One can argue with the last statement - in addition to benefits, plant foods can be harmful. So, in one of the previous articles, we found out that many vegetarians have a lack of vitamin D, calcium and “good” cholesterol. They also have weak bones and joints, all due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. Recently, researchers conducted a very unusual experiment, allowing vegetarians and meat lovers to drink as much alcohol as they wanted in one evening. The next morning, it was found that vegetarians began to have a worse hangover than meat-eaters. After taking samples of blood, urine and gastric juice, scientists were able to explain this difference. So why do vegetarians get more hangovers?

Vegetarians suffer from severe hangovers and there is an explanation for this

Vegetarians are more likely to suffer from hangovers

In an experiment, most of whichconsisted of drinking alcohol, 13 people took part - among them were both vegetarians and meat lovers. During a kind of party, they could have a bite of alcohol with their favorite dishes. Of course, vegetarians preferred salads, carrot cutlets, and other meat-free dishes. Meat-eaters, in turn, could afford kebabs, sausages and other meat products.

During the experiment, volunteers could drink a lot and eat anything

The next morning, scientists observed a very interesting picture.Vegetarians complained more than others about typical hangover symptoms: headache, nausea, vomiting, thirst, palpitations and sweating. They were especially bothered by vomiting - perhaps the most painful symptom of a hangover. People who ate meat also had ailments, but in general they felt better.

During the experiment, vegetarians suffered from a hangover more than meat eaters

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Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in vegetarians

To find out why vegetarians suffered frommore alcohol, scientists took samples of gastric juice, blood and urine from the participants in the experiment. Researchers immediately noticed that vegetarians had low levels of nicotinic acid (a B vitamin) and were deficient in zinc. This is not surprising, because these components are most found in meat products: the best sources of vitamin B are meat, poultry and fish, and zinc is found in shellfish.

Analyzes have shown that vegetarians have a reduced concentration of vitamins and minerals.

In general, vegetarians are more affected byhangovers because they do not get enough vitamins and minerals. However, scientists believe that this problem can be circumvented - as a snack, you can try vitamin B-rich nuts and zinc-rich pumpkin seeds and pine nuts. However, they may not be compatible with some types of alcohol, so this needs to be approached wisely. At a minimum, an unusual snack can spoil the taste of drinks, and sometimes digestive problems can even arise.

Vegetarians need to eat wisely

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What determines the severity of a hangover

With all this, the severity of a hangover may depend onother factors. For example, the type of alcohol affects this very much - it is stronger from red wine, brandy and port wine containing many impurities. Drinks that lessen hangovers are white rum, vodka, gin, and other "clean" spirits. In no case should you mix different alcoholic drinks - usually after that a hangover is terrible.

Do not mix alcoholic beverages

The result of the experiment was veryinteresting, no one argues with that. However, scientists should have collected a larger group of volunteers - a dozen people is too small for this kind of research. There is evidence that later the authors of the study want to correct this mistake and involve more men and women for more careful monitoring.

Scientists want more volunteers next time

The severity of a hangover also strongly depends on age.person. At 20 years old, many people can easily wake up in the morning even after the most stormy night, but after 30 years, even a small party has dire consequences. This is due to the fact that with age, the human body begins to break down alcohol worse. Also, people have a decrease in fluid concentration, which is why after drinking they get drunk faster, and the hangover is especially strong. You can read more about this here.

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