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Why should people limit their salt intake?

Salt is the cheapest and most common flavor enhancer. It is customary to add it to almost all dishes,from pastries to salads. Some people are so used to it that they add it to everything, which already looks like a tradition. A small amount of salt is necessary for the human body, because this element plays an important role in muscle contraction, hormone production, and so on. However, people do not even notice that they greatly exceed the daily salt intake, which causes a number of health problems. Let's see why the human body needs salt and in what quantity, and also find out what terrible things can happen due to its excess.

The body needs table salt, but its excess is deadly

Flavor enhancers can make any dish more attractive, but they can be harmful to health. Read the details in the article of my colleague Lyubov Sokovikova, here is the link.


  • Why is salt added to food?
  • Why does the body need salt?
  • 3 Daily salt intake for a person
  • 4 Health risks of salt
  • 5 How to start less salt?

Why is salt added to food?

Salt used in cooking issodium chloride (NaCl) - it consists of 40% chlorine and 60% sodium. This component is used not only to improve the taste properties of dishes, but also to increase their shelf life. Since ancient times, people have sprinkled salt on meat because rotting bacteria cannot live in a salty environment.

Salt is mined in different ways

There are four types of salt according to the method of extraction:

  • stone, which is mined in salt mines;
  • cage, which is deposited in special pools (sea salt);
  • self-planting, which settles at the bottom of reservoirs;
  • boil-down, which is obtained by evaporation.

The most common type is the boilingsalt, which, at the same time, is considered the most useless. And all because in the process of evaporation, all useful substances evaporate from it. To make salt healthier, a little iodine is added to it - such salt is called iodized. This chemical element is very important for the human body, because due to a lack of iodine, the thyroid gland may begin to work poorly. And it produces a huge amount of vital hormones.

Interesting fact: Salt helps the immune system fight cancer

Why does the body need salt?

The most important component of table salt is sodium. It plays an important role in fluid retention, muscle contraction, hormone secretion, and the formation of red blood cells. erythrocytes. In addition to this, table salt in the stomachforms hydrochloric acid, without which the proper functioning of the digestive tract is impossible. If it were not for salt, the fluid in the tissues of our body would end quickly, which would lead to muscle spasms. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic, a lack of salt in the diet can cause low blood pressure - subsequently there are frequent dizziness, blurred vision and other unpleasant symptoms.

Table salt is needed by the body, but in very small quantities.

Daily salt intake for a person

If you consult with any nutritionist, he will certainly advise you to limit salt intake as much as possible. It's believed that The daily salt requirement for an adult is 5 grams.which is equal to about one teaspoon.However, in fact, people sometimes consume 100 grams of salt every day without even knowing it. And all because this component is found in large quantities in the products that we buy in stores: bread, sausage, semi-finished products, canned food, chips - they are all overflowing with salt.

Salt is found in large quantities in the products that we buy in stores.

Popular foods that contain poison. The list is quite interesting.

Harm of salt for health

If you consume more than 5 grams of salt per day,health problems will not take long. First of all, an excess of sodium leads to an increase in the amount of blood - in order to dilute the incoming sodium, the body begins to retain water. This is fraught not only with increased pressure and headaches, but also with an increased risk of stroke. A large amount of sodium leaches calcium from the body, which leads to a loss in the strength of bones and teeth.

Excess salt literally destroys the human body

Recently, scientists have studied the lifestyle and conditionhealth of 100 thousand people and found that excessive salt intake can shorten life expectancy. Data taken from the British Biobank showed that people who salt already cooked food are 28% more likely to die before the age of 75. In people who rarely salt their food, this risk is not observed. Most likely, this is just due to the consequences of increasing the daily salt intake.

Is iodized salt really important and is it worth it for everyone? The answer is here.

How to start less salt?

Scientists believe that salt causes the sameaddiction, like sugar and even nicotine. When a person develops the habit of adding salt to food, over time, ordinary food with a normal concentration of salt begins to seem insipid to him. Because of all this, it becomes very difficult to refuse salty food.

People should limit their salt intake, but it's very difficult

Start eating less saltit is recommended to first replace it with different seasonings. In addition, it is necessary to carefully check the composition of the purchased products and limit the use of chips and other similar products. After that, you can start cooking dishes without salt, and add it only before use - this approach allows you to carefully monitor the amount of sodium chloride consumed.

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