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Why should blood pressure be measured on both hands?

Arterial pressure is the pressure thathas blood on the walls of blood vessels. Both low and high blood pressure indicate a malfunction within the body and harm human health. According to the World Health Organization, normal blood pressure levels are 120-130 millimeters of mercury. If the indicator is below 90, this is called hypotension, and if the tonometer intended for measuring blood pressure shows 140 and above, this is hypertension. You can measure pressure even at home, just buy a tonometer for about 2,000 rubles. And instructions for using the tonometer are on the Internet, you can even find a video on YouTube. But recently, scientists have recommended measuring the pressure on both hands at once. But why is it so important? Let's figure it out?

You need to measure pressure on two hands, but why?

How to measure pressure?

The easiest way to measure arterialpressure is the use of an electronic tonometer. But there are also handheld blood pressure monitors that are cheaper and are considered more durable. To measure pressure using any tonometer, you just need to follow these steps:

  • sit comfortably, preferably in a chair with a back;
  • put your hand on the table and put the tonometer cuff on it, just above the elbow bend. Ideally, if it is at the level of the heart;
  • put a stethoscope on your ears and lean its head against the brachial artery, which is located in the region of the cubital fossa;
  • close the valve of the tonometer bulb, and then squeezeand unclench it until the arrow reaches about 160 millimeters of mercury. If there is a feeling that the pressure is very high, you can raise the arrow even higher;
  • slowly loosen the bulb valve and releaseair from the cuff. Follow the arrow and listen for the pulse. At one of the marks, the pulse will begin to beat, this is systolic pressure. And at another mark, the pulse will cease to be heard again, this is diastolic pressure.

If you get something like 120 and 80, then youdid everything right and there are no problems with pressure. It is best to measure pressure at the same time in the morning and evening. You can take notes, there are even mobile applications for this.

Electronic blood pressure monitors are more expensive but easier to use

Each of these people at one time measuredpressure on both the left and right hand. Scientists wondered which of these people over the next 10 years died from a heart attack, stroke or other problems with the work of the cardiovascular system. It turned out that people with different indicators of pressure on each hand died for these reasons more often than others. According to the researchers, every millimeter of mercury difference increases the risk of dying from heart problems by 1%. If such a difference exists and is observed often, it is important for a person to carefully monitor their health and, in case of problems, immediately consult a doctor. But why the difference increases the risk of death, researchers don't yet know.

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