Why is visiting the pyramids a waste of time?

In 2007, millions of people voted toto make the complex of the pyramids of Giza one of the seven wonders of the world. Of course, after this event, almost every travel lover wished to visit the ancient sights of Egypt. Perhaps this is not the best idea - according to a journalist from Business Insider, a visit to the ancient pyramids is an extremely boring and even painful task. To prove his words, he cited very convincing arguments.

The first place the journalist visited wasRed pyramid in the necropolis of Dahshur. She received this name because of the red limestone stones found in it. To enter it, you only need to buy a ticket to the complex, while to visit other pyramids in addition to the main ticket you need to buy an additional cost of up to $ 15.

Before you visit the pyramids, you mustremember that these are tombs for the storage of the bodies of the deceased pharaohs and the protection of their wealth. They were not intended to be visited by living people, so there could be no convenient stairs. To get to the main room with a stepped ceiling up to 12 meters high, you must pass through a narrow passage. It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that returning tourists can meet - claustrophobes are unlikely to like this way.

According to the traveler, despite the coldthe weather outside, inside the pyramid is unusually hot and stuffy. Plus, the smell of mildew is so strong in the air that people have to cover their noses with scarves. All that you can see inside is empty rooms and aisles, the walls of which are covered with graffiti of explorers and tomb raiders. There are no interesting artifacts inside, as they are either stolen or stored in museums.

According to other tourists, the same emptiness reignsand in other pyramids. The only difference is that many more people visit them. Perhaps they are expecting something more, since they require an additional ticket to purchase.

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