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Why is it important to wash your hands before eating?

In a previous article, we thoroughlyfigured out why it is important to wash fruits and how to do it right. But do not forget that before and after eating it is also important to wash your hands. The fact is that through unwashed hands dangerous bacteria can enter our body, which can cause various diseases. But explaining this to some people, and especially to children, can be extremely difficult. But recently, a teacher in one of the schools in the US state of Idaho showed children an interesting experiment. She showed how many dangerous bacteria live on our unwashed hands and what they do with food.

Hand washing is important to our health.

Scientific experiment told about the experiment.a ScienceAlert publication citing a post by a teacher named Dyne Robertson on Facebook. Its essence was that the teachers took a loaf of bread and cut it into slices. With one piece of bread, they rubbed the keyboards of all the computers in the school classroom, which dozens of unwashed hands touch daily. The second slice was not touched by anyone, the third was taken in dirty hands, and the fourth was taken by a student who had previously washed his hands with soap and water. The fifth piece went to a student who treated his hands with a disinfectant. All slices of bread were then put in sealed bags.

Bread on computer keyboards turned moldy a month later

What is the best way to wash your hands?

A month later, the teacher showed the studentshow much the slices of bread have changed. In the first package, inside of which a piece that had been on the keyboards of all school computers was embedded, a huge amount of mold was discovered. But the bread, which human hands did not touch at all, remained clean. This means that no bacteria got into it and it was completely clean.

Untouched bread remained clean

A lot of mold also formed on the bread,which was taken into dirty hands. But at the same time, the fourth slice, which was touched by hands washed with water and soap, practically did not change in appearance. To the surprise of the students, mold even formed on a slice of bread that the student touched with disinfected hands. This means that such products cannot provide complete protection against germs and do not replace full washing under running water.

Bread taken with dirty and clean hands

Do you know how to wash your hands from the point of view of science?

Admittedly, mold on bread is farnot the most pleasant sight. According to teachers, after what they saw, students really began to wash their hands more often. At the same time, teachers noted that this should be done both before meals and after eating. You don’t want that on everything that you touch, there will be greasy spots or sticky traces of sweets?

Disinfectants cannot replace a full hand wash

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It is also worth noting that washing your hands is also importantafter contact with animals. The fact is that they can be carriers of safe for themselves, but extremely dangerous for humans bacteria. One need only recall our recent news about how a resident of Germany died after he was just licked by his own dog. It is noteworthy that disinfectants cannot ensure the full cleanliness of your hands, so you need to use soap regularly.