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Why is everyone watching the 2011 Infection movie?

Even as a person who likes to sit at home andshe loves films about the end of the world, today I'm a little uneasy. You must admit that there is a certain wow effect in sitting in safety and watching how something terrible is happening in the world, for example, an alien invasion or an outbreak of a dangerous disease. The whole point (well, or almost all) lies in the fact that a person watching another disaster film is safe. But today, everything has changed. Because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, people around the world are trying not to leave home, and the attitude of the mass audience towards films about the impending apocalypse is changing. The fact is that the film, which will be discussed in this article, paints a picture as close as possible to reality. But how did it happen?

Shot from the film “Infection”. As you can see, the garbage problem is still here

Who worked on the film "Infection"?

Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, who helpedThe World Health Organization (WHO) to eradicate smallpox and fight outbreaks of influenza and polio, spoke at TED Talk in 2006 and described in detail what the next pandemic would look like. At that time, his words seemed unimaginable:

During the next pandemic can get sickbillion people, and 165 million die. At the same time, the global recession and the largest economic crisis will leave a huge number of people without work and benefits. In general, the consequences would be unthinkable.

March 23 World CEOhealth organizations Theodore Gbreyesus said the world’s coronavirus pandemic is getting worse. This means that SARS-CoV-2 is raging all over the planet, and the chaos that it leaves behind is gaining momentum. The death toll due to coronavirus at the time of this writing reached 16 thousand people, which, fortunately, is quite far from the figure predicted by the Diamond. However, today each of us can look at what a pandemic could be: in 2011, Larry Brilliant acted as a senior consultant to the horror film directed by Stephen Soderbergh “Infection”.

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In the midst of a pandemic, people began to loot - as the events in the film

Recently, a Wired journalist interviewedBrilliant. Since the whole world is discussing "Infection" today, it is believed that the film predicted these events. However, according to Brilliant, the entire epidemiological community over the past 10 or 15 years has warned the public that the question is not whether something similar will come. The question is when this will happen. At the same time, the scientist believes that for the speedy end of the pandemic, three prerequisites must be met:

  • Find out absolutely all information about SARS-CoV-2. If this is not done, the risk of catastrophic developments will increase;
  • Invent a vaccine or an effective antiviral drug;
  • Identify people who have had CoVID-19 andwho have received immunity - in particular among nurses, medical professionals, doctors, police, firefighters and teachers. Introduce an identification system - a card or a bracelet. So it will be possible to send children back to school, knowing that the teacher is not contagious.
  • What happens in the movie "Infection"?

    The film tells about an ordinary family man (MattDamon), who is trying to cope with social upheaval after a deadly virus has swept around the world. In Infection, a bat drops a piece of fruit that a pig eats. The pig is then slaughtered for consumption and the virus is transmitted to humans. Recall, scientists believe that the coronavirus, which infected more than 300,000 people worldwide and claimed more than 16,000 lives, may also have come from bats.

    Since the creators of "Contagion", including the directorStephen Soderberg and writer Scott Burns, set out to make the film as realistic as possible, they consulted with numerous epidemiologists and scientists. According to The New York Post, the authors wanted to show people the most accurate picture that could be referenced, in the hope that the film would prompt political leaders to act. However, in 2011, even the star cast with Kate Winslett, Lawrence Fishborn, Jude Law and other famous actors, did not attract the attention of the general public.

    The character of Judah Low carries leaflets with the inscription CDC lying - there is a cure

    We will not completely retell the plot, soas we strongly recommend the film for viewing, but one important point is still to be noted: in the film, Jude Law plays an Internet scammer who advertises a homeopathic medicine against a new virus. Unfortunately, today some manufacturers of fuflomycin have launched an advertisement about their supposedly proven effectiveness. Recently, in our special article, we talked about antiviral drugs and why most of them do not work.

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    In the meantime, Contagion authors claim thatpeople like Judah Law’s character always appear. The film also traces a series of psychological reactions that occur during an outbreak: conspiracy theories that blame state governments for the special production of the virus are also common. Moreover, such rumors practically do not fade, even despite the fact that scientists have proved the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2, as we recently said.

    In Russia, you can watch the film “Infection” on IVI (from 99 rubles), Kinopoisk (from 99 rubles), Megogo (from 69 rubles) and other streaming services.

    One way or another, the world was not ready for a pandemic. The arrogance that makes us believe that we can cope with everything and that we will not face a truly terrible viral threat is simply ignorant. So watching (or revising) a Steven Soderbergh movie can be a great idea and even suggest how to deal with the new coronavirus. Yes, the film may scare someone, but it has useful lessons: only acting together can we defeat the disease.