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Why is a person not as smart as everyone thinks?

As you know, the presence of intelligence in a personallowed us to do something once, no other living creature on the planet was capable of it: we learned how to make fire, developed medicine, thereby increasing our life expectancy, flew to the Moon, and now we are preparing to fly to Mars. It is the presence of intelligence that allowed people to begin to dominate the small blue dot in the vast space. However, is man really the smartest being on the planet? Let's try to speculate on this together.

Is man really the smartest being on the planet?

Which creature on the planet is the smartest?

Many of you understand that the concept of mind andwisdom does not mean the level of your IQ. Tests can help clarify many mental skills that are somehow related to academic knowledge, but even those with high test results can easily fail to determine their social sensitivity, practical meaning, and wisdom. Rosalyn Arden, an intelligence researcher at the London School of Economics, believes that not a single IQ test reflects the complexity of what it means to be smart. A person’s intelligence consists of a much wider and deeper ability to understand our environment, which involves understanding the experience gained, accordingly changing the behavior of the individual.

The researcher believes that not only peoplepossesses such an important feature, because without its presence, no living creature of the planet would be able to adapt to those realities in which it exists. While the octopus is able to solve puzzles, the antelope can evaluate and identify the most nutritious herbs - all this can also be considered intellectual features of living organisms.

Octopus is able to create tools for protection.

Despite the fact that the human brain hasquite large in relation to the body, most human habits are somehow connected with our natural survival instinct. According to, absolutely all people on Earth are limited by their evolutionary history, size and needs, which is very similar to other representatives of the animal world. At the same time, human intelligence at some point was able to transform, acquiring the ability to abstract thinking and planning, speech and general insight. Perhaps it is these qualities that can set us apart from the rest of the inhabitants of planet Earth?

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As scientists from the Australian found outUniversity of Adelaide, the ability to speak far from determines the intelligence of a person. The fact is that some representatives of the animal world may well communicate with each other, building complex social ties and relationships. A vivid example of the presence of this ability can be dolphins, in which self-awareness and speech have long been discovered with the help of whistles and clicks. Other representatives of ‘intellectuals’ of the animal world are pigs capable of learning and developing thought processes. Chimpanzees are able to create complex everyday tools, and also have the ability to non-verbal communication; elephants can empathize, and sheep are able to respond to emotions. So what can distinguish a person in terms of intellectual development? Let's try to discuss this topic together in our official Telegram chat.