Why does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland?

Current president of the united states of americaman is incredibly interesting. We will not discuss his leadership qualities and styles of government, our interest lies in a slightly different plane. The fact is that Donald Trump has repeatedly made loud statements about his disbelief in climate change. By the way, he continued to do this even after he was provided with a UN report on the state of climate on Earth. And suddenly Trump declares his desire to buy Greenland - the largest and very important island for the planet. So is it even possible? And why should Trump Greenland? Let's figure it out!


  • 1 What do you know about Greenland?
  • 2 Who lives in Greenland?
  • 3 Why Trump is a Danish island?
  • 4 How much is Greenland?

What do you know about Greenland?

We don’t know about you, but most probablyat the mention of Greenland, pictures of cows, cute houses, green meadows and smiling Danes stand before my eyes. Actually, as it usually looks in the vastness of the Kingdom of Denmark. Beauty and more. But it was not there.

To begin with, Greenland is the largest island.on the planet. It is located in Northeast North America. Near Greenland there are many smaller islands. Together, they form the administrative unit of Denmark.

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According to the most common version of the islandIt was discovered expelled from Norway for the murder by the European Eirik Ryzhim in 982. From the 13th to the 17th centuries, Greenland shuddered from internal wars and civil strife. As a result of the cooling and more severe weather conditions, the population of Greenland almost died out. Perhaps this would have continued if the Danes had not remembered Greenland in the 18th century. In 1721, the Kingdom of Denmark made Greenland its colony, and in 1953 the island finally became part of the Kingdom and even received autonomous status in 1979.

Who lives in Greenland?

Greenland is actually not very friendlya place. Over 80% of Greenland's surface is covered in ice. The thickness of the ice on the island reaches three meters. So if they suddenly melt, it will not seem to anyone, since the level of the world's oceans in this case will rise as much as 7 meters.

Typical Greenland landscape

Needless to say, Greenland is not hot. The average temperature in the winter months reaches -47 ° C, and in the summer -12 ° C. However, in fairness, we note that in the southern part of the island in the month of July it is sometimes possible to warm up - sometimes the thermometer shows + 20 ° C.

This is how the homes of local people in Greenland look like

At such temperatures, it is logical that almost 90%Greenland's population is made up of intuition (or Eskimos). The remaining 10% includes Danes, Icelanders and other Europeans. The inhabitants of this cold island are mainly engaged in hunting and fishing. However, despite the severe weather conditions, it is the inhabitants of Greenland who are best able to consider the northern lights. Which, by the way, is visible from mid-September to mid-April. Not life, but a fairy tale!

According to the data for 2018, 57 thousand people live in Greenland.

Why Trump is a Danish island?

We will not pull with the answer to this burningquestion. The current president of the United States is embarrassed by the resources that Greenland is surprisingly rich in. And it's not just the ice. Although we are very worried about them. Greenland has many natural resources, including oil, diamonds, gold, iron ore, lead and uranium.

Of course, resource extraction at the largest and veryThe cold island of the planet is a difficult and costly occupation. The Danish government is extracting minerals in Greenland based on global demand for certain resources. For example, no one is going to produce oil in Greenland in the coming decades. It’s understandable - imagine the cost of drilling ice in such severe weather conditions.

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But the United States is also rich in resources. So the matter is not only in them. In fact, the United States is not the first time showing interest in buying Greenland. The island is located just below the Arctic Ocean, between Canada and Europe. Back in the 19th century, President Andrew Jackson expressed the idea of ​​buying an island. And Harry Truman in 1946 even offered Denmark $ 100 million for the purchase of Greenland. As you can see, nothing came of this.

And yet, during the Cold War, the United States builtseveral military installations in Greenland. Today there are toxic nuclear waste. But since the situation on the world stage today cannot be called calm, Trump’s desire is most likely due to strategic interests.

How much is Greenland?

Given all of the above, Denmark has its own islanddoes not want to sell. Still: anyone would envy the land rich in resources, and even covered with ice in the face of rapid climate change. Minerals, clean water and fish stocks, seafood, renewable energy. And let's not forget about the location of the island. Isn't that the perfect place?

So Donald Trump thinks so. His desire to buy an island is so great that he is ready to spend more than 10 trillion dollars. Among other things, the US president decided to assure the residents of Greenland that he would not destroy the usual way of life on the island. And he even posted a photograph on his twitter, the caption of which reads: "I promise not to do this with Greenland."

Twitter photo of the president of the USA

However, we doubt that the Danes and residentsGreenland will be happy to go under the leadership of Trump. Still, the US president does not believe in climate change, and the ice of Greenland is very important for the well-being of the entire planet. It would be foolish to give into the hands of a person who is not concerned about the environmental situation on the planet such a precious resource.

What do you think, are there more reasons why Trump wants to buy Greenland? Share your opinion in the comments.