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Why does coronavirus "avoid" children?

Coronavirus outbreak from ChineseWuhan City at the end of 2019, to date, has infected more than 24,000 people around the world. Despite the high level of contagiousness, the infection mysteriously avoids children under 15 years old. A study published on suggests that for some reason, children may be less susceptible to the disease or exhibit milder symptoms than adults.

Coronavirus infection avoids children

How is coronavirus manifested in children?

Since the start of the spread of coronavirusA little more than a month passed, and the number of people infected during this period has already exceeded more than 24,000 people. However, during all this time, only 3 cases of the disease in children were recorded. So, according to official data, at the moment, the carriers of a dangerous disease are a 9-month-old girl from Beijing, whose mother is a patient with coronavirus, a child from Germany, whose father was first diagnosed with the virus, and a child from the Chinese city of Shenzhen who was infected, but did not show any symptoms.

According to experts, the low levelmorbidity among children is a good sign, if only because children rarely wash their hands, close their mouths and refrain from touching others, thus spreading the infection faster.

In one of the articles we have already said thata new type of coronavirus has much in common with SARS, which was rampant in Europe in early 2003 and killed 774 people. However, even then the dangerous virus for some reason avoided children: none of the children affected by SARS died from infection, whose symptoms when entering the body are very similar to the symptoms of the usual SARS and flu.

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One possible explanation for thisThe “selectivity” of the virus may be that the child’s body reacts differently to infection, compared with the body of an adult. If this theory is not confirmed, and the number of sick children increases, the spread of the epidemic can grow many times more than today.

Coronavirus infection may not be as dangerous for children as it is for adults

In order to prevent an increasespreading the speed of the disease, the Chinese authorities banned the sale of live animals throughout the city, and also promised to stop the illegal trade in wild animals throughout the country. Be that as it may, according to experts, influenza poses a more immediate threat to most children around the world than coronavirus. Scientists believe that children under 5 years old are at high risk of developing serious complications caused by the influenza virus, because children have a higher immunological response associated with the onset of fever and tissue damage during the course of their body's fight against infection.

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According to the World Health Organization,about 80 percent of all deaths from the new coronavirus are in people aged 60 years and older. However, unlike flu, a vaccine to protect people from this virus does not exist, nor is there a sufficient number of studies aimed at studying the mechanisms of the onset and development of the disease inside the human body.