Why does a man brow?

The human body is perfect: there is nothing superfluous and non-functional in it, and each of its bodies carries its own purpose. At the same time, eyebrows in the human body have long been considered almost a rudimentary organ that performs a purely aesthetic function. However, despite such a judgment, the presence of eyebrows plays an almost vital role for the normal functioning of the body. Why? Well, let's try to understand this issue together.

Even if you cannot boast of perfect eyebrows by nature, their role in your body is truly invaluable

What is the function of eyebrows in the body?

As you might have guessed earlier, eyebrowsperform one of the most important functions in the human body - protective. Eyebrows protect your eyes from getting in them with excess moisture - primarily sweat, and also protect our paired organ of vision from dust and any foreign objects. Due to the special shape of the eyebrows, all excess moisture is distributed over them so that instead of getting into our eyes, it can safely be removed through the temples or nose bridge, without causing us any particular harm.

In addition to fulfilling its main protective function,a person’s eyebrows help him when communicating and expressing certain emotions, even without the participation of speech. Such a very useful communicative tool is facilitated by the presence in our body of a special muscle, which allows us to wrinkle our eyebrows and even move them, expressing such emotions as joy, surprise, hatred, and so on.

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Can I lose my eyebrows?

Despite the fact that modern man is alreadyit is absolutely impossible to surprise with all kinds of shocking images of famous personalities who, for the sake of their role or fame, can simultaneously remove absolutely all the vegetation from their faces, in some cases you can lose your eyebrows without even resorting to the services of cosmetologists.

In the body of any person as a resultThe transferred stress or hormonal failure may cause the so-called madarosis, a syndrome in which eyebrows and eyelashes begin to fall out intensely. It is believed that in addition to stress, other common causes of this unpleasant phenomenon can be some chronic diseases, such as severe forms of psoriasis, generalized alopecia, or even cancer, syphilis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Despite their apparent simplicity, eyebrows are a truly multifunctional tool.

If you exclude the above diseases, thendisruption of hair activity also occurs with the abuse of poor-quality cosmetics (this most often happens in girls) or with a lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the body that contribute to the growth of hair on the human body.

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Madarosis is most often treated with case the disease was caused by infectious factors. If the cause of the syndrome lies in something else, then, first of all, the root cause itself is eliminated and only then the unpleasant symptom itself. In any case, if you encounter this disease, experts strongly recommend that you visit the office of a trichologist.