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Why do you need unmanned submarines?

Military equipment is very expensive and the mostvaluable technical means at the moment are considered submarines, which are part of the navy of many countries. Their high cost is due to the fact that the complex design allows them to covertly move to almost anywhere in the world. Moreover, they can remain under water for whole months and always be ready for battle. Building one submarine can cost billions of dollars, but that is far from all the costs. The fact is that a few billion dollars is needed for the technical support and training of officers and sailors who will be inside the submarine during military missions.

Submarines like this will soon become autonomous

To lower the cost of naval equipment,recently, the UK government has allocated $ 3.2 million to develop a new type of submarine. According to the technical publication New Atlas, it should be as spacious as possible and, most importantly, work autonomously. It is believed that due to automation, the need for training officers and sailors will completely disappear, because they simply will not be inside submarines. This is good news, because their lives will be safe, and the government can save on training the naval military.

The largest underwater drone

The creation of an extra-large unmanned underwaterThe device, also known as XLUUV, will be handled by MSubs Ltd. She has been developing submarines for military and scientific purposes for many years, so she is unlikely to have problems with a new task. The name of the future submarine is still unknown, but information on its approximate technical characteristics and purpose is already there.

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The length of the underwater vehicle will be about 30meters. Compared to nuclear submarines of the class Astute, whose length reaches 97 meters, the novelty will seem negligible. However, due to the lack of crew, there is a lot of space for transporting large loads. For example, inside an inconspicuous submarine, it will be possible to transport torpedoes, mines, and even small vehicles for exploring the depths of the sea and exploring territories.

That's what Astute-class submarines look like.

Where will the energy come from for nutritionthe submarine and the computer that will control it is not yet clear. It is expected that the range of the new items will be about 5600 kilometers, for which the battery energy is clearly not enough. So, perhaps, the boat will be equipped with an additional power source. But the range is certainly impressive, and the boat is perfect for secret reconnaissance of far-off territories. It is reported that she will be able to independently swim out of a special base and return back.

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The appearance of a submarine with an unmannedThe controls may be similar to the design of another MSubs submersible, which is already in use by the British forces. It is known as the Mobile Under Sea Test Laboratory and, as the name implies, is used as an underwater laboratory.

Submarine Mobile Under Sea Test Laboratory

It is worth noting that the underwaterthe boat is not one of a kind. In 2017, we already talked about the Israeli HydroCamel II apparatus, which is equipped with a robotic system based on a neural network. In general, it is intended for protection and reconnaissance, but can also be used to search for places of accumulation of minerals. You can read more about this submarine in our special material.