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Why do women complain of pain more often than men?

Scientists have long noticed that women complainfor non-injury pain much more often than men. For example, many hospital patients often ask for help with migraines and musculoskeletal pain, and some painkillers only aggravate their condition. Until now, researchers have not been able to say exactly what exactly is associated with a greater susceptibility of women to pain, but recently this mystery has been uncovered. American scientists have found that the sensation of pain in women is provoked by hormones, which play a large role in the production of breast milk. This discovery will help scientists create new types of drugs for pain syndromes in women.

Women more often than men complain of pain

About how scientists solved the mystery of frequent pain inwomen, was told in the scientific journal Science Translational Medicine. In the course of scientific work, researchers using males and females of mice searched for differences in cells and nerves that are designed to transmit pain signals to the brain. It turned out that the activity of neurons that conduct pain impulses is enhanced due to the neurohormone known as prolactin. According to scientists, it is thanks to him that women form breast milk.

Why do women suffer from pain?

During observations, the researchers noticed that whenunder certain conditions, prolactin concentration is significantly increased. For example, this occurs in the last months of pregnancy and after childbirth, as the baby needs breast milk. Also, the concentration of the hormone during stress, and sometimes provoke excessive production, can use alcohol, fatigue and all kinds of sleep disturbances. It is noteworthy that the amount of prolactin can also increase due to the use of painkillers containing opioids. Therefore, such drugs can only worsen the condition of patients.

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Painkillers for women

According to the authors of the study, a new discoverywill allow them to create more effective painkillers designed specifically for women. Scientists already know substances that can significantly limit the release of prolactin and are not addictive. Perhaps it is they, together with other substances of this kind, that will be included in the composition of new drugs.

Women are more prone to pain due to the hormone prolactin

However, before creating such medicines, scientistsmore research is worth it. After all, there is a possibility that a limited release of prolactin may lead to other health problems. At a minimum, such drugs must be checked in the laboratory, so the release of new painkillers in the near future should not be expected.

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How to get rid of pain?

Some women with frequent pain syndromesmedications may not be needed. Based on the results of the study, it turns out that you can protect yourself from unnecessary pain by refusing alcohol and normalizing night sleep. In addition, women and not only should avoid stressful situations. And to get rid of stress, by the way, you can often walk in the fresh air.