Why do we snore in a dream?

About 5 years ago, the famous British newspaperThe Daily Mail published an article about a 60-year-old woman whose snoring sounds had a sound range of 111 decibels, which is approximately equal to the sound volume of a jet airplane. The most interesting thing in this situation was that the elderly woman did not even suspect how loudly she snored! So why do people sometimes snore in their sleep, and is snoring even possible?

Studies show that marriage between two snoring is much stronger than in a pair where only one partner snores

Why do people snore?

Probably each of us at least once in our livesI have encountered snoring and knows how tiring and unpleasant a phenomenon this seemingly insignificant defect can turn out to be. Due to its widespread prevalence, in official science, snoring even has its own name and is called ronopathy. Due to the complete relaxation of the muscles of the body during sleep, the flow of inhaled air irritates the soft tissues of the upper respiratory tract, provoking their vibration, which, accordingly, leads to the appearance of snoring.

Interesting fact: Astronauts are not able to snore in zero gravity

Often to one of the reasons leading to developmentronchopathies, researchers consider frequent use of alcohol and fullness. In the first case, the occurrence of snoring is due to excessive muscle relaxation, which often accompanies a state of intoxication. In the second case, fullness provokes a narrowing of the airways due to deposits of adipose tissue in the areas of passage of inhaled air.

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Can snoring be cured?

Despite its seeming harmlessness, snoringIt can rightfully be considered a serious violation in view of the fact that approximately every fifth snoring suffers from frequent respiratory arrests in a dream. About the mass character of the disease is also indicated by the fact that, according to official statistics, approximately 30% of the total population of the planet suffer from ronopathy to one degree or another. It is known that Napoleon Bonaparte suffered ronopathy, preventing his Josephine from sleeping; among modern celebrities managed to stand out against the background of snoring Tom Cruise and rock star Marilyn Manson.

Perhaps the brutal image of Marilyn Manson is due to the fact that he simply does not get enough sleep at night due to snoring

For reasons still unknown, ronchopathy is capable ofbe inherited. In other words, if your parents suffer from such an ailment, then with a high degree of probability you will sooner or later risk waking up due to the displeased exclamation of your other half about the voiced night roulades, which quietly appeared to you closer to middle age.

In order to solve an unexpected problem,modern medicine offers several fairly effective ways to eliminate the symptoms of malfunctioning of the upper respiratory tract. It is believed that snoring can be cured easily and quickly by using procedures such as cryoplasty or laser therapy. Both procedures are aimed at reducing the volume of the palate, which contributes to the long-term disposal of unpleasant manifestations of ronopathy. In addition, there are a huge number of ways to get rid of snoring in alternative medicine, which most often recommends simply observing the correct lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and physical activity.

Physical activity can help get rid of ronchopathy.

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Why do some nations snore more than others?

Surprisingly, the fact is: some nations do snore more than others. So, Koreans are rightfully recognized as the most snoring nation in the world. This unusual discovery is connected with the genetic feature of this people, which manifests itself in the fact that the structure of the upper respiratory tract of the inhabitants of the Korean Peninsula is somewhat different from the European one. Such an original feature allows these Asian people to occupy an honorable first place among the most snoring countries in the world.

First place in the ranking of the most snoring nations of the world are Koreans

In second and third places in the ranking of the mostsnoring nations of the world settled Americans and Italians. But if the Americans were in the ranking because of the high concentration of overweight people, then the slender Italians were in third place in the ranking for completely unknown reasons. Perhaps in some way the temperament of a person also affects snoring. However, this is not yet accurate.

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