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Why do we need to find out our place in the Universe before the inhabitants of other planets are found?

Are we alone in the universe? Despite the fact that a large number of international organizations have long been engaged in the search for alien life, we still have not found traces of the presence of brothers in the mind in the Universe. An anthropologist at York University in Canada, Catherine Denning, said in an interview with that before humanity can find extraterrestrial life, it must decide for itself what it really is and what place it occupies in the universe.

The question of whether we are alone in the universe has worried humanity throughout the history of its existence

What happens if people find extraterrestrial life?

Until the mid-20th century, most people consideredThe universe is a densely populated place, but the development of science has refuted such idealistic views on our universe. Venus and Mars, which were once a dream for science fiction writers, gradually “emptied”, showing humanity deserted deserts without any hint of even the simplest life.

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Such an unexpected turn upset enthusiasts,They dreamed of discovering more developed civilizations than us, while at the same time delighting those who were far from striving for such a meeting. Due to the different ways of seeing the world and the huge difference in the perception of the same events by entire nations, the possible finding of an alien life can lead to conflicts between different representatives of our planet. In order to prevent another buildup of the military potential of certain countries, Catherine Denning is confident in the possibility of creating a single international body responsible for making decisions on a planetary scale.

Perhaps humanity still needs to rethink a lot before it can communicate with its brothers in mind

Among other things, conversations thathumanity is about a potential search for extraterrestrial life; they are deprived of one very important component that affects the main aspects of our daily life - awareness of the use of the resources of our planet. So, despite the grandiose plans of space agencies to conquer the Moon and Mars, humanity does not think about how it relates to the very concept of life. The consequences of man-made human impacts on nature are striking in their scale, endangering the existence of individual ecosystems. What will happen if humanity one day can truly discover life, whose level of development will be slightly lower than ours?

According to Denning, in that case there is everythingreason to worry about our exploitation of alien life, given the many events from human history, showing the possibility of repeating the sad experiences of our planet. So, on Earth there is a vivid example of how a person uses extremophilic life in his needs. Microscopic organisms capable of life in the coldest, hottest, alkaline or, conversely, acidic places of our planet, their genetic material and the compounds they can produce are highly valued by companies seeking to commercialize drugs and other valuable compounds. According to Denning, the same fate can be expected for any extraterrestrial extremophilic life.

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In this case, is the whole search for earthlings reallyAlien life once again boils down to only financial gain? According to Denning, in order to get an answer to this question, we should look at the nature around us and the huge number of animal species that have already been destroyed to ensure the existence of humanity.