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Why do we have anxiety disorders?

Each of us feels from time to timeanxiety for completely different reasons. After all, did you have such a thing that you were worried about the state of health of a loved one or were worried about a lack of money? This is perfectly normal, but there are a huge number of people in the world who are in a state of anxiety for most of their lives. Canadian scientists decided to conduct a large-scale study and find out which people and for what reasons are most worried. It turned out that the development of anxiety disorder can be affected by both diet and other factors such as marital status.

With an anxiety disorder, a person can tremble, sweat profusely and feel muscle tension

The research results werepublished in the scientific journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. As part of the scientific work, scientists carefully analyzed data from a group of 26,991 people aged 45 to 85 years. In the study of their personal data, the researchers were able to find out what factors most often affect the development of anxiety disorder. The result was a pretty impressive list.

What foods make people worry?

As mentioned above, on the development of anxietyThe disorder greatly affects a person’s diet. According to study leader Karen Davidson, those who consume less than three varieties of fruits and vegetables per day are 24% more likely to be anxious than everyone else. The researchers also noted that if the total body fat level of a person exceeds 36%, he is 70% more likely than others to wallow in anxieties and worries.

Conclusion - in order to worry less about trifles, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits, and also refuse fast food, about the dangers of which we have already talked about.

Which people are more prone to anxiety than others?

Researchers also found that developmentanxiety in addition to the diet also affects the person’s gender, marital status, income level and health status. So, women were exposed to anxiety much more than men. However, this is not so unexpected news, because the results of many other studies testified to a greater predisposition of women to anxiety disorders.

Women are more prone to anxiety than men

It was also found that lonely people worrymore than those who live with a partner. If a person receives less than $ 20,000 a year, which equals a little more than a million rubles, he will also worry more often than more affluent people. In principle, this is not surprising, because the constant struggle for existence is a common cause of stress, which, as a rule, is necessarily accompanied by a feeling of anxiety.

Having a romantic partner can reduce anxiety

Many people also tend to worry abouthealth status. If a person had a history of more than three chronic diseases, he could be diagnosed with anxiety disorder more likely than healthier people. There is no particular doubt about the fidelity of this fact, because if something hurts you, you also start to worry about it? And if you go online and look for the causes of pain, your anxiety may intensify even more. Moreover, in most cases, anxiety is unreasonable and it turns out that anxiety could be avoided simply by seeing a doctor.

Anamnesis - a collection of data on the state of human health collected in the course of a medical study.

The most unexpected result of the studyit became that immigrants turned out to be calmer people than those who were born and live in their native country. Scientists have not yet been able to explain this trend, because it is very strange that people who have recently moved to a new country are less concerned about indigenous people. But the presence of a language barrier and difficulties in getting a job must certainly cause stress.

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In conclusion, the researchers noted that already inIn the coming years, about 10% of the world's population will suffer from anxiety disorders. Moreover, the diagnosis in some people will be so serious that they will be considered disabled. According to scientists, only a conscious change in people's diet and improvement of social factors can save the situation.