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Why do skiers in helmets still get serious head injuries?

The skiing season will begin very soon,therefore, fans of this sport should think about their safety. To avoid injuries, almost every third-party outdoor activity buys sportswear and a helmet that is designed to protect the head. However, medical workers from the US state of New Hampshire noticed that despite the increase in the number of skiers in helmets, a lot of athletes with head injuries still go to hospitals. So what does it do, is sportswear useless in terms of protection against injuries possible when skiing? It turned out that no - the skiers themselves were to blame for the accidents.

Michael Schumacher skiing

To find out why when wearing a protectiveHelmet people still get injured, researchers led by Andrew Crockett conducted a fairly large-scale study. According to Denverpost, they examined data on 721 patients who, from 2010 to 2018, applied to the trauma department of the Darmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center with head injuries while skiing. It turned out that more than half of these patients were injured while wearing helmets.

The main rule when skiing

However, researchers noticed that skiers inhelmets did not receive skull fractures, that is, the equipment was still useful. But at the same time, these people often experienced intracranial bleeding, as well as severe bruises and fractures of the chest and other bones. From this, the researchers concluded that skiers in helmets under a false sense of security risked more often than unprotected athletes and rode along dangerous slopes. It was because of their self-confidence that they received serious injuries.

Perhaps many injuries can be avoided by wearing an exoskeleton for skiing

Researchers also noted thathelmets worn over the heads of skiers can mislead rescue personnel. For example, upon seeing an athlete in a helmet in trouble, medical staff may think that nothing bad happened to him. So, having carried out only a superficial examination, they can let the victim go home, although he may have a severe concussion with serious consequences. Therefore, it is important for the rescue services to understand as soon as possible that helmets do not protect against intracranial injuries and a careful approach is required for each victim.

Why did Schumacher get a head injury?

If rescuers were aware of this, perhapsMichael Schumacher, who suffered a severe head injury in 2013, would be completely healthy today. Recall that the famous Formula 1 racer has been in serious condition for more than five years due to a head bump on a stone while skiing. At first, medical workers assured that Schumacher did not receive serious injuries, but then the rider fell into a coma. At the moment, in addition to being alive, little is known about the condition of the rider.

Schumacher suffered a head injury in 2013

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It is known that Schumacher was injured inRiding outside safe tracks, that is, he certainly overestimated his strength and ventured to ride on a deliberately dangerous slope. In this regard, researchers strongly recommend that athletes soberly assess their capabilities and never take risks, even if they are fully dressed in a protective suit.