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Why do poor people often get heart disease?

Recently in the scientific journal Cardiovascular ResearchA study was published showing that people with low salaries are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Indeed, if you pay attention to your circle of acquaintances, you can see that members of poor families complain of poor health much more often than representatives of families with high incomes. Previously, scientists could not find the exact reason for this pattern, but a recent study finally gave a pretty convincing answer. As it turned out, the quality of night rest directly affects the state of the cardiovascular system.

Poor people are more likely to suffer from heart disease

The fact that a person chooses a profession directlyaffects the risk of developing heart disease, it was found out after combining the results of eight studies involving 111,205 volunteers. It turned out that most often health problems are experienced by men who work in several jobs to provide for their families. As a rule, such a schedule does not allow people to sleep the recommended number of hours per day, which is why their body is affected by an increased load, which disrupts the cardiovascular system.

How does bad sleep affect health?

For 2019, scientists have found many negativeThe consequences of not having a good night's rest. For example, most recently, Chinese researchers have found that insomnia can cause stroke and heart attack. In the course of their scientific work, it became clear that people with at least three symptoms of insomnia were 18% more likely to develop heart problems than study participants without sleep disturbances.

If you do not want to experience heart problems, try to get enough sleep

Besides being low-income peoplethere is simply not enough time to sleep because of the busy schedule, they are also very stressed. Indeed, with a lack of money and life from paycheck to paycheck, a person involuntarily tosses and turns in bed due to accumulated problems and cannot sleep for a long time. In addition, the noise of cars coming from the window can interfere, because they cannot afford an apartment in a quiet area.

By the way, because of poverty, people are more likely to suffer from eye diseases.

Why are rich people less likely to get sick?

At the same time, rich people are less likely to encounterproblems in the work of the heart, because they can afford a good rest and a luxurious vacation several times a year. According to researchers, their good sleep is also facilitated by the fact that most of them live in large houses, away from noisy highways. In addition, high income allows them to actively engage in sports and not worry about household chores - as a rule, hired personnel are engaged in cleaning the rooms.

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According to Swiss epidemiologist DushanPetrovich, the authorities need to carry out reforms to provide people with good conditions for sound sleep. For example, you can prohibit the construction of houses near airports and highways, as well as provide all buildings with double-glazed windows for better sound insulation.