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Why do people prefer to live in the countryside than in the city?

A 2017 study showed that each year of200,000 people leave the countryside for the city. As a rule, graduates of rural schools become those who leave - they start their studies at universities or immediately look for work. And this is the right choice, because in rural areas it is almost impossible to find a well-paid job, it is very difficult to develop culturally, and in general there is nothing to do due to the lack of cinemas, cafes and other public places. However, some people, on the contrary, begin to think about moving completely from the city to the countryside, because they see a lot of advantages in this. It is quite possible to work remotely in high-paying jobs, you can grow most food yourself, and you can go to cities for entertainment - usually they are not far away. In addition, the air in the villages is clean, there is no noise and other irritants. But is everything really so good?

Where do you think it is better and more profitable to live, in a village or a city?

It is immediately worth noting that the village can bebetter than the city only if it is not too far away. For a comfortable life, it is necessary that the city is no further than 100 kilometers - in this case, you can always go to a large store and another necessary place. In addition, villages located near cities usually have asphalt roads, there is Internet access, and so on. All this adds up to comfort.

In the context of this article, we are talking only about well-developed villages

Where is the cheapest place to buy a house?

The cost of a city house depends on manyfactors ranging from population, location, condition and so on. In small towns, an apartment with one room can be bought for 2-3 million rubles, but in big cities prices can reach 8 million or more. Village houses are cheaper due to their relatively far location from cities - for the same couple of million rubles, you can find a dwelling with a much larger area and a garden. Such a conclusion, of course, can be made on the basis of information from sites with ads.

Houses in the village are in different conditions, the price depends on this.

But the construction of a country house from scratch,Definitely, it will cost more than buying a city apartment. You can find information that building a house with an area of ​​100 square meters can cost 5.5 million rubles. Moreover, this is the price of only the first stage of construction, which includes a box of a house with a foundation, a roof, a facade, windows and entrance doors. To this must be added the cost of workers, depending on qualifications and experience, they can ask for a month of work from 50 to 120 thousand rubles. If you include interior decoration, the purchase of furniture, the installation of fences, electricity, and so on in the final cost, you get an exorbitant amount.

It goes without saying that building a huge house will cost more than buying it.

In general, buying an apartment or a country house can cost the same amount. Only in the first case, the buyer receives a standard odnushka, and in the second - own house for several tens of square meters and a plot. One of the disadvantages of living in the countryside isthe need to travel to the city, because most of the important establishments are located there. Travel costs depend on the frequency of trips and distance - in some cases, you can do without them.


How to make money in the village?

The coronavirus pandemic has already taught people how to workremotely, so if you wish, you can work in a highly paid place in the village. The main thing is that there is Internet access, which not every settlement can boast of. You also need to find out if there are cell towers nearby - mobile Internet is also essential for a comfortable life.

Remote work allows you to work from anywhere in the world, which expands the list of possible places to live.

Some people think they can make moneysale of eggs, milk and other foodstuffs. This is possible, but it is important to understand that investments are also needed to maintain livestock - food is not taken from nowhere. But it’s not worth waiting for huge incomes, because if you take into account the costs, it turns out not such a big profit. On the Internet, you can find information that by investing about 24,000 rubles in keeping chickens, you can earn only 65,000 rubles a year. This is provided that there are 80 chickens - if there are fewer of them, the profit will be even less.

You can make money on breeding pets, but you should not expect space profits

In general, if you work remotely from the village,There shouldn't be any financial problems. But you shouldn’t rely heavily on profit from animal breeding, especially if you don’t have much experience in this business. It is better to keep them only in order to consume eggs, milk, meat, and so on yourself and not spend money on products from stores.

Many people are afraid of genetically modified foods. But is it necessary?

How to save money in the countryside?

There are no large shopping centers in the villages, buthealthy and natural food can be found without visiting stores. In most cases, neighbors sell meat, milk, eggs and other products, and you can buy products from them cheaper than in stores. At the same time, there is often no doubt about the quality, freshness and taste of products.

If necessary, life in the village can provide all the necessary food

Savings can also includeindividual heating. In cities, you sometimes have to pay for the heat of an apartment even when it is warm outside - sometimes you even need to open a window. As a rule, gas boilers are installed in country houses, and if necessary, they can be turned off. Therefore, costs can be significantly reduced this way.

Individual heating sometimes saves a lot of money

Considering all the pros and cons, in somecases in the countryside it is really better to live than in the city. Of course, it all depends on the lifestyle of each person - some people need to communicate with a huge number of men and women, which rural conditions cannot provide in any way. In addition, there may be difficulties with access to hot water and other benefits of civilization, so the choice of a place to live must be taken wisely and responsibly.

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I think this is a very good topic for discussion andeach of you should have your own opinion about what is better: life in the countryside or in the city. Write your arguments in favor of the first or second option in the comments - I think everyone will be interested in reading them. It's even better if your opinion is based on your own experience.