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Почему с возрастом люди начинают любить оливки и другие продукты со странным вкусом?

As a child, many of us hated vegetables,olives and other odd-tasting foods. But with age, many of these have become, if not the most beloved, but at least acceptable products. This is a very common phenomenon and millions of people probably have a question - why is this happening? Recently, the British company Butterkist, which has been producing popcorn for more than 100 years, began to uncover this mystery. The employees of the company explained the reason for the age-related changes in tastes and made a list of "adult food" that we begin to value from about 20 years of age. It may seem that we are becoming interested in a variety of foods and become "gourmets" due to the development of taste buds, but this is a misconception. The secret really lies in the taste buds, but with age they, on the contrary, lose their sensitivity.

Many people begin to love olives with age, but what is this connected with?

Age-related changes in taste

The reason for the age-related change in taste wastold in the Telegraph edition. It is reported that most babies are born with about 30,000 taste buds in their mouths. Moreover, almost all children adore sweets and this love is inherent in them by nature itself. The fact is that breast milk is rich in sugars and fats, so it's important for babies to love it to get all the nutrients they need for development.

Children have a wider range of tastes than adults

Thanks to the abundance of taste buds, children canhappy to eat even food with a mild taste. These include mashed potatoes from various vegetables, steamed zucchini, and so on. It is neither sweet nor particularly appealing to adults. But children are able to feel the beauty of these delicacies. But children do not like spicy dishes and products with spicy vegetables, and most adults do. And this is because with age, taste buds become less sensitive and to enjoy food, people need dishes with very expressive tastes.

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Adult food

Researchers from Butterkist conductedsurveyed 1950 adults and compiled a list of products that they began to like only after the age of 20. The list is quite long, but if you group the items, you get the following:

  • people start to like garlic and onions from the age of 20;
  • spinach, peppers and eggplants are truly appreciated by people at 21;
  • Parmesan and other "elite" types of cheese come to taste from the age of 22;
  • asparagus and avocado become favorites from 23 years old;
  • oysters are included in the diet of people around the age of 24.

Further, the tastes of people become more and more refined.Goat cheese, olives, mussels, beans, gherkins and other products, from which many children turn up, start to like people from about 25 years of age. It can be assumed that at this time, preferences are finally formed in people that persist throughout their lives. However, it is never too late to expand the list of your favorite dishes, learning new recipes and cuisines of other nations. After all, almost every nation is proud of its love of "delicious food" and everyone has their own specialties.

Many kids don't like goat cheese, but most adults do.

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The survey also showed that people usually trynew for themselves in the circle of friends. This makes it easier for them to abandon their prejudices and fall in love with something new. And many people get acquainted with exotic dishes while traveling, and this is quite logical. But at the same time, the researchers noted that each person has at least two unloved products that they flatly refuse to try again.

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But it is important to understand that to eat whatever you wantin no case is it possible. Once in China, a man ate a bat and we all know perfectly well what this led to. You can evaluate different tastes without such extreme antics. There are many different diets in the world and the Mediterranean is considered one of the best. It is characterized by a high content of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and seeds. This diet also includes bread, pasta and other cereal products. Fruit is used as a dessert, and olive oil is the source of fat. Animal meat is consumed in small quantities, because fish and poultry replace it. You can read more about this diet, which is considered the most useful, in this material.