Why do people go on the phone?

According to Google for 2016 mobile95% of Russians use phones. This means that every day millions of people not only correspond in messengers and social networks, but also call each other. Even if you don’t really like talking on the phone, one way or another at least once you called your relatives, friends, or had business negotiations. Now stop for a second and try to remember - what do you usually do when you talk? Do you start walking while talking? Or vice versa, sit down? Or maybe even go to bed to talk calmly? But why is this happening?

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When did we start calling each other?

We would like to live in a world without the Internet and telephoneconnection? But for most of human history, people have lived that way. If you think about it, it wasn’t so bad: on dark evenings, by candlelight, dipping a pen in ink, people of all ages wrote letters to each other, thinking through every word. Not that you and I are today.

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Everything changed in 1837 - just thenthe first telegraph appeared. Information could now be transmitted from a distance. But the real revolution took place a little later, in 1876. Alexander Bell, a citizen of the United States of America, created and patented his invention - the telephone.

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At first he worked at a distance of 200 meters, butBell continued to tirelessly refine his invention. As a result of his efforts, already in 1877, a year after a sensational launch, the phone became so modernized that the next time it took only 100 years to change something.

It looked like the very first phone in the world

However, the most interesting thing in this whole storyis that Bell invented the phone by accident. In fact, the scientist simply wanted to send 5 telegrams at the same time. In the process, Bell secured several thin metal plates over an electromagnet. The same plates were installed in the telegram transmitting apparatus. A current of different frequencies made them shave. And the plates on Bell's phone had different lengths and began to vibrate only at a certain frequency. It so happened that one of the plates at some point went out of order, which made Bell's colleague very angry and he began to curse. At that moment, Alexander Bell himself was at the receiving apparatus and suddenly heard the voice of his colleague.

It looked like Alexander Bell

The next “telephone revolution" occurred in 1947the year after Bell Laboratories came up with the idea of ​​creating a mobile phone. The only caveat is that, according to the company's plan, the phone should be located in the car. Let us explain that in those years the weight of the telephone was about 30 kg. And this is without a power source. However, the phone began to weigh less only in the 1970s, and that was only 14 kg. But the first in the usual sense of the mobile phone saw the light in 1973. Do you remember what your first mobile phone looked like? Share your stories in our Telegram chat.

Why do we walk when we talk on the mobile?

So, we found out when and how the phone appeared,Now we can move on to the answer to the main question - why do we walk when we talk on a mobile? In fact, not everyone does this. When I was preparing this article, I asked my friends and acquaintances what they do during a telephone conversation. Most admitted that they were starting to walk, although someone was having conversations while sitting. And one friend admitted that she likes to talk while lying on the couch. We are all different, do not forget about it.

One of the options for conducting telephone conversations

And yet, most do go totalk time. If this is about you - continue in the same spirit and do not pay attention to anyone. According to scientists, the solution lies in the fact that during a face-to-face conversation, the brain combines gestures, emotions, timbre of voice and word. That is, when the interlocutor is directly in front of us, the brain receives feedback.

And during a telephone conversation she is not. At the same time, those parts of the brain that are responsible for movement remain active.

So the brain fills the absenceinterlocutor, translating emotional reactions into motion. It turns out that if your colleague gets up and starts walking from side to side during a telephone conversation, he does it not of his own free will. So his (or your) brain responds to the voice of a person who is not nearby.

And one more thing: do not fight it - according to research results, during such unconscious walks, much more calories are burned than during ordinary exercises. How do you talk on the phone?