Why do people gain weight with age?

Remember your friends and relatives whoover 40 years old. You will probably find that most of them have lost their former harmony and now have problems with being overweight. Whether you want it or not, the same thing can happen with your body, because there are many reasons for this. The most important of them is the sedentary image of adults, most of whom only do what they go to work, and after it they relax, comfortably sitting on the couch. In addition, the processes that occur in our body contribute to weight gain.

All older people slow down their fat metabolism

This is evidenced by the results of the study,conducted by scientists from the Karolinska Institute (Sweden). The essence of their work was that for 13 years they carefully monitored the condition of the body of about 100 men and women. In particular, they studied how greatly the rate of accumulation and breakdown of fat changes over time. They made a very interesting conclusion - with age, fat metabolism in the body decreases markedly, even if a person carefully watches his diet and goes in for sports as actively as in his youth.

What happens to the body in old age?

Despite the fact that fat metabolism slows down inwithout exception, weight gain can be avoided. The study showed that it’s enough to consume fewer calories, and if this is not done, the person’s body weight will increase by about 20%. Thus, with age, we should all lean less on sweets and fats - we don’t want to have a fat physique and health problems?

You can avoid age-related weight gain, but it's not easy

And health problems due to being overweight canarise quite a lot. For example, at the end of July 2019, we wrote that obesity can cause accelerated brain aging. This became known through a study involving 1289 people, whose average age was 64 years. The essence of the study was that scientists measured their weight and thickness of the cerebral cortex and did the same after 6 years. It turned out that in overweight people it loses its thickness faster, which increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

What can I say, being overweight can ruin your brain at all.

The authors of the study believe that the results of theirwork can help create new cures for excess weight. What they will be is still unknown, but methods for preventing obesity are constantly being developed. Take, for example, a risky experiment on the introduction of electrodes into the brain, which was carried out by an 183-kilogram girl, which we wrote about in one of our articles. The experiment proved that exposure to the human brain with weak discharges of electricity not only helps to reduce excess weight, but also get rid of depression.

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