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Why do limbs go numb and what is paresthesia?

When was the last time your arms and legs were numb? Perhaps you slept in an uncomfortable position or sat for a long time without moving, but be that as it may, the unpleasant feeling and feeling of helplessness at these moments is quite annoying. Many people believe that the cause of temporary “loss” of a limb is the obstruction of blood flow to the leg or arm, which creates a tingling sensation and inability to control this part of the body for a minute. Nevertheless, from the point of view of science, the causes of numbness of the limbs are much more complex, and in some cases can indicate serious health problems.

We tell in what cases numbness of the limbs should not be ignored

Simple trouble?

Numbness of the extremities is divided into “dangerous” and“Safe”. Safe numbness by neurologists means numbness as a result of a prolonged stay in one position, or because of tightly tightened clothes and accessories (for example, a shoe belt or a tightly tightened watch strap). This type of numbness is not caused by internal diseases and is accompanied by unpleasant tingling sensations. But where do they come from?

As a result of prolonged squeezing - for exampleif you were sleeping with your hand under your head, and when you woke up, you realized that she was numb, the body temporarily loses contact with the limb, because of the pressure the nerve paths are pinched and can not transmit messages from the brain to certain parts of the body. The limb seems to be “sleeping,” and when we change the position of the body and the pressure disappears, it begins to wake up. This process is accompanied by a tingling sensation, as the nerves of the limbs resume communication with the brain. Once the normal connection between the brain and this part of the body is established, the tingling sensation disappears. In such an unpleasant way, the body warns the brain that something is wrong. If the connection of one of the limbs with the brain is interrupted for a long time, this can lead to nerve damage.

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The limbs go numb for a variety of reasons, but the brain warns us of a possible danger.

But in the case of “dangerous” numbness, it occursregularly and in itself - that is, without squeezing and prolonged stay in one position. Moreover, if you feel numbness not only in the limbs, but also in other parts of the body, this can indicate a variety of diseases. It should be noted that one of the types of limb numbness is called paresthesia. Paresthesia is accompanied by a tingling sensation and crawling. By the way, in some cases paresthesia is called numbness due to the removal of a wisdom tooth (numbness of the tongue, cheek or chin).

Other forms of paresthesia

You will be surprised, but paresthesia may be different

While the most common waytemporarily experience paresthesia - sit for a long time with arms or legs crossed, there are other forms of paresthesia that can have long-term effects or even last a few seconds. So, you can suffer from carpal syndrome for several years, but to experience an unpleasant tingling sensation for several seconds is possible just by hitting the elbow. Moreover, love for chili peppers can lead to paresthesia, as it can cause a tingling sensation in the mouth. This is due to a pain receptor that reacts to capsaicin, a chemical substance in chili peppers.

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Thus, an unpleasant tingling sensationare not only the result of being in an uncomfortable position, but can also signal the onset of a wide variety of diseases. Therefore, carefully monitor all the signals of your body and do not hesitate to visit a doctor.