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Why do I have dreams and is it worth believing in them

It’s so pleasant to lie in yoursoft and comfortable bed. Cover yourself with a blanket, cheer up the pillow and calmly fall asleep. The working day at this moment ends, but another life is just beginning. In this life, any of us can be a superhero, a millionaire, an athlete, or just an observer. You can live life or watch it. It also happens that you can fall asleep again or wake up abruptly. All this is possible in a dream. But where do they come from, why do we need them, and is it worth taking them seriously? Everyone has their own opinion and we will definitely talk about this in the comments. For now, let's just discuss interesting facts and scientific explanations of what is connected with dreams.

Sleep is an amazing state comparable to a parallel world.


  • 1 What are dreams
  • 2 Where do dreams come from?
  • 3 Why do I have dreams
  • 4 When are dreams most often
  • 5 Do all people have dreams? Do babies dream?
  • 6 Why wake up if you fall in a dream
  • 7 Is it possible to control dreams
  • 8 Is it possible to watch a dream after waking up
  • 9 How to remember your dream
  • 10 What are the dreams of color dreams
  • 11 Why dream ... Is it possible to believe in dream books
  • 12 Prophetic Dreams
  • 13 Is it worth it to be afraid of dreams

What are dreams

To study any phenomenon need your own science. Sleep has it too. It is called somnology. Only this science studies the dreams themselves, but only the physical state of a person’s sleep. It is dreams that are studied by the science of neuroscience.

Now we are more interested in the dreams themselves thanphysiological process. After all, dreams make our nights interesting. Although, dreams do not dream all night, but only in certain periods. For further convenience in the article and in order to use more familiar words, we will call dreams in the old fashioned way.

If a person sleeps 8-9 hours a day, and his life expectancy is 70 years, then in a dream he spends 23 years of life. Of these, only 8 years old he has dreams. That is about a third of the total sleep time.

Speaking scientifically, then the pictures, which we see when we sleep are subjective imagesarising in the consciousness of a sleeping person. It is in the mind! This is additional evidence that even when sleeping, a person is conscious and does not lose touch with the outside world. When the body is immersed in a state of sleep, brain activity is only 10-15% less than when awake. In this state, he is engaged in the restoration of the body, organizes memories and adjusts all systems.

Where do dreams come from

There are many theories and hypotheses on where dreams come from. One thing is certain - our brain generates dreams. Why does he do this, we will figure it out a bit later.

After falling asleep, the brain goes into a slightly differentmode of operation. In it, he scrolls through all the information that passed through him in a day. Something is stored in deeper layers of memory, something is thrown away. As a result of this activity, dreams appear.

Remember this element from the movie "Beginning"?

Scientists have found that watching a dreamthe most active are the same zones that are active during the day. Among them, the occipital region (associated with visual perception) and the parietal region (responsible for processing sensory information)

Why do I have dreams

With the process of dreams more or lessfigured out. Now let's understand why they are needed at all. Here the opinions of scientists and experts differ even more. For example, one of the versions is that the brain generates possible threats so that a person can prepare for them and in real life put something against them. According to this view, a nightmare is nothing but training.

This version seems very believable, but ifso, why then have nice dreams? Some scholars believe that in this way a person either closes himself from some difficulties, creating a good mood for himself, or tries to increase his self-esteem. In the first case, the connection does not have to be direct. For example, if a person is humiliated at work, this does not mean that he dreams of universal love in the office. He may dream that he became a famous athlete and won the world championship.

In the case of increased self-esteem, everything is clear and so. A man simply invents for himself what he lacks - fame, wealth, friends, women and much more.

Sometimes dreams dream when a person has something verywaiting, constantly thinking about it and in a dream can mount his dream. Or vice versa, to restore in an alternative reality events from the past that occupy all his thoughts.

Sometimes dreams are very strange and even scary.

Another interesting theory is formulatedphysiologist Ivan Sechenov. He believed that dreams are only a person’s reaction to external stimuli. It is on the basis of them that the brain forms images. That is, if you froze in a dream, you will dream that you are walking in the snow. If disturbing sounds come from the street, you may have a nightmare and so on.

This theory makes sense. You may have noticed that if you fall asleep while watching a movie, then something begins to dream based on the plot of this movie.

What is the difference between drowsiness and fatigue ?. But the truth is what?

As usual, his old Sigmund Freud goes in a special way. He argued that dreams are nothing butan attempt of the subconscious to transmit encrypted information about prohibited sexual thoughts. For example, when a person experiences a hidden sexual attraction to a blood relative, he cannot realize his attraction. In the end, he does this in a dream. That's just where it all happens in encrypted form.

The same Sigmund Freud.

Generally convenient. Speak any game, explain it as hidden sexual desires, and to the question “why?” answer that you still do not understand.

When do you often dream

Dreams are usually associated with a paradoxical phase.sleep It is also called the phase of rapid eye movement (BDG) or the phase of REM sleep. The fact is that a person’s sleep is divided into cycles and they change in waves. In the relaxed phase, the person is as calm as possible, and at the peak, the heartbeat speeds up, the muscles tighten, and the brain works more actively. It is at these moments that dreams are dreamed, and the brain is most ready for awakening. What is primary is not yet clear. Perhaps a person is mobilized due to the fact that he sees a dream, and maybe vice versa.

Often you can fall asleep in a dream. And sometimes even fall asleep in a dream sleep. That is, when it seems that you woke up, you could just go to a higher level.

REM sleep occurs approximately every one and a half to two hours. and dreams during this period are most vivid. Recent studies prove that dreams in a calm phase sleep, but they are very dull and unemotional.

Do all people have dreams? Do babies dream?

Scientists claim that human physiologyarranged in such a way that he simply cannot help but dream. All people have dreams! Those who say that he does not dream, just do not remember them. Perhaps this is due to some kind of psychiatric abnormalities or simply special brain behavior that night.

All people have dreams. Those who do not dream, just do not remember them

If all people have dreams, can they do itbabies? According to the most popular theory today, people begin to dream already in the eighth week of their intrauterine development. Of course, these are not the dreams we are used to, because the child has not seen anything yet. Even in the early years of life, dreams are far from what adults see. Normal images begin to form around the age of three. Prior to this, children’s dreams are alternating colored spots.

Only by the age of three children begin to see lucid dreams.

Naturally, it is impossible to prove this, since it is hardly possible to assemble a focus group and interrogate everyone.

Dreams dream even of animals. Scientists have verified this experimentally. At home, this can be understood by the way the legs of a cat or dog twitch. This is the REM sleep phase and they are dreaming of something. Sometimes they even start and wake up.

Why wake up if you fall in a dream

Many are familiar with the feeling of falling in a dream. Usually it is very real and at that moment you really begin to feel weightlessness or a state of free fall.

One of the most logical explanations for this feeling is sudden awakening of certain parts of the brain. These special zones are located in one of the sections of the human brain stem. The bundles located in it receive information from the inner ear and control the position of the body.

At the time of falling asleep, they gradually go into an inactive mode, but in the shallow sleep phase they can sharply become active. At this moment, a person can start and wake up.

If she takes a step forward, she will definitely wake up

It often happens if you sleep in transport whenthe body is mobile, and the dream is shallow. You can also find yourself in a similar situation if you stumble or fall from somewhere in the phase of a shallow sleep. The brain perceives this as a real drop and gives a signal to group.

Is it possible to control dreams

There is nothing supernatural in this. Just do not be fooled by some cool glasses that will help you shape your dreams. All this is very doubtful and far from the fact that it will really work. Especially considering that the method of operation of such devices is not scientifically proven.

In order to control dreams, you need to understand thatdo you sleep. Usually you realize this after awakening. In a dream, everything seems very real and realistic. I noticed behind myself that I have lucid dreams about once a week or two.

If what is happening in a dream is not very real, it is easier for a person to understand that he is sleeping. If he understood this, he can explore the world of his dream, or vice versa, try to wake up if he has a nightmare.

Can I stop seeing nightmares?

The dream management process is very interesting, but you need to act subtly. Usually this happens on the verge of a state of sleep and wakefulness. Therefore, waking up in this state is very easy.

Is it possible to watch a dream after waking up

Technically, there is nothing complicated in watching your dream after waking up. Especially if you have not woken up completely.

When a car buzzed outside the window or someone slammed a door in the corridor, a person wakes up, but not to the end. If at this moment you start to actively think about what you dreamed about, you can gradually fall asleep and “watch” the continuation of this story.

The main thing is not to go for a walk and not go into modewakefulness. In this case, it’s definitely not possible to watch a dream. You can still ponder it for a while, but if you do not do this, the dream will surely be forgotten. However, there is a way to keep it in mind.

How to remember your dream

Since the original purpose of dreams is notso that you remember them, they are not stored in the deep layers of memory. In order to remember a dream forever, it is necessary to remember it in more detail immediately after awakening. After that, you need to either write it down, or scroll the maximum number of times in memory and it will be remembered.

The easiest way to remember a dream is to record it.

Interesting thing, it turns out. If you scroll a poem, song or role in a play many times in your memory, it will be remembered for a very long time. Information about the dream, even if it is rooted in memory, will still be torn away. They have not yet been able to explain it plainly, but this is a fact. There are exceptions, but dreams are more quickly erased from memory than anything else.

What color dreams dream of

At one time, it was believed that color dreams only dream of people who have schizophrenia or have other similar abnormalities. In fact this is not true.

All people see rather abstract dreams, which for the most part show only the contours and outlines of objects. The rest of the person draws at the expense of his imagination.

Therefore, color dreams dream primarilywho has a good imagination and children, as they are not yet blocked by the framework of the world. People with certain types of mental disorders also have a good imagination. Perhaps this is why the two phenomena (color dreams and schizophrenia) are connected in this way.

Why dream ... Is it possible to believe dream books

In order to understand whether it is possible to believe in dream books,one must understand the nature of this phenomenon. If dreams are dreaming of what is called “in fact” (it became cold - there was snow), then it is wrong to say that it is prophetic.

Mystical dream explanations, on the other hand.occupy a wide place in the culture of modern society. Some sincerely believe in this, others just want to have fun and see how this “internal prediction” coincides with real events.

Remember the traditional sign of “flying in a dream - growing”?

However, the fact is that dream books or interpreters of dreams are compiled by people on the basis of real facts. That is, if 100 people dreamed of a frog and the next day 98 of them found a wallet on the road, this is something, but that means.

On the other hand, many dream books were compiledso long ago that they simply have nothing to do with real life. Psychologists at different times treated them differently. Some said that there is a connection and the brain can really predict something, while others said that a person simply programs himself for what he saw in a dream and this happens.

In any case, everyone always agreedthat a dream carries one thing in itself. Do not remember the whole dream and look for everything in the dream book. It is necessary to take only that detail that was the brightest or simply the most important in this dream. Moreover, what if you had watched a movie about bikers before and you had a bright dream about a motorcycle? This is no longer a pure image, but an imposed one.

Remember only the most vivid parts of sleep.

Many interpret dreams in hindsight. For example, they recall that two days ago they saw a hammer in a dream, and today they pierced the wheel. As a result, they open the dream book, and it says "the hammer dreams of difficulties." You can’t argue, a punctured wheel is a difficulty. Here are just a modern urban resident every day there are difficulties.

Prophetic dreams

Prophetic dreams are a separate topic. Those who directly say what should happen to you today (or in the near future). You can argue about them even longer, but they, too, can be either a coincidence, or simply a person’s ability to predict events.

For example, he thought for a long time what to do in a relationship with a business partner. The brain was overloaded with this information, but chose the right solution for himself and built a chain of events that will follow him. As a result, this came true, but due to the fact that the connection between the events was not very obvious, the dream began to seem mystical.

In addition, many details of sleep are lost, and when something happens, in memory the missing parts can be supplemented with new facts. The main thing is to remember the main plot thread.

On the other hand, I personally know a person whoI was told that he dreamed something, and then it came true with amazing accuracy. Perhaps, again, this is a matter of intuition, since this person is doing well with her.

Sleep like a different world. Sometimes it’s very nice to reach out to him.

Here you can also separately say about deja vu(feeling that what was already happening). Such a sensation may arise due to the fact that a person subconsciously recalls something from his dreams. It is even possible that he did not realize. That is, there was no such thing that he woke up and remembered him at least for some time. Such “shadow” dreams and can cause deja vu.

Is it worth it to be afraid of dreams

In my opinion, the definite answer here will be"no". If you do not take dreams too seriously and do not expect anything from them, they become just sweet entertainment for the night. If you have a nightmare and are uncomfortable falling asleep again, just try not to think about it. Well, if you constantly have nightmares, you should consult a specialist. This does not mean that you have any problems with your head. Most likely, something is just bothering you or something in the body is not working right. Inside us everything is closely connected there, so this could very well be.

If you read this article in the evening, good night and good dreams!