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Why do "clairvoyants" hear the voices of ghosts?

In the 19th century in Great Britain and other countriesOuija sessions were often held. During these rituals, everyone could try to contact deceased relatives. The people who received messages from ghosts were called mediums and they exist even today. Many perceive them as charlatans, and some even consider them mentally ill. Since the services of mediums have recently begun to be in demand again, scientists decided to study their ability to "hear the voices of the dead" from a scientific point of view. They conducted a survey among mediums and found that most of them began to hear voices at about the age of 20 and until that moment did not know about the existence spiritualism... This information prompted scientists to believe that all mediums are nothing more than ordinary dreamers with hallucinations.

A seance in the 19th century

Spiritualism - This is a religious and philosophical trend, based on the belief in life after death. Adherents of this movement believe that they can communicate with the spirits of dead people through the services of mediums.

Communication with the dead

Around the 20th century, the fashion for the services of mediumspassed, but today it is reborn. There are about 500 spiritualist churches in Great Britain and other countries. There is also the National Union of Spiritualists, whose founders claim that about 11,000 people have already passed through their colleges. In these centers, mediums are trained and material support for all kinds of psychics and other people with "supernatural abilities" takes place. As part of the scientific work, the results of which were published in the scientific journal Mental Health, Religion and Culture, scientists conducted a survey among 65 British mediums.

Mediums are people who supposedly can communicate with spirits

The survey found that 44.6% of mediumshear the voices of the dead every day, and 33.8% hear the voices of the dead several times a week. Most hear voices inside their heads, and some claim that they come from outside. They first discovered their "unusual ability" at about 20 years of age. And until that moment they had not heard anything about spiritualism. But the interesting thing is that almost all mediums showed signs of absorption. This psychological term is usually understood as a high level of susceptibility to hypnosis, meditation and drug intoxication. That is, it is easy for such people to instill information, and in addition, they like to fantasize.

Most modern mediums also claim to be able to remove the evil eye and corruption. You can read about what the evil eye is from a scientific point of view in this material.

What causes auditory hallucinations?

Also, people took part in scientific work,who also heard voices, but did not consider themselves psychics. They showed no signs of absorption. Auditory hallucinations usually occur in people with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. But they can also occur in healthy people during adolescence, with prolonged stress, lack of sleep, or while falling asleep. Only now, people with absorption then begin to take an interest in spiritualism, fantasize a lot and come to the conclusion that they are mediums. And ordinary people either do not pay attention to hallucinations and forget about them. And if the oddities recur, they rush to see a doctor.

According to the results of the study, it turns out that mediums are charlatans after all.

Ultimately, it turns out that the path of becoming a medium consists of the following steps:

  • at a fairly early age, a person hears voices while falling asleep, during periods of stress or due to the presence of psychological problems;
  • he finds information about spiritualism and, because of his suggestibility, begins to believe in the supernatural;
  • acquires similar acquaintances, proclaims himself a medium and begins to provide appropriate services.

At the moment, there are mediums inevery city. Before conducting a spiritualistic session, people are advised to choose the person to be contacted. Mediums assure that there is a strong bond between relatives and close friends. You also need to decide on the questions that you want to ask the spirits. Sessions for each medium are different - what their fantasy reaches, so it will be. Prices for services also vary depending on the medium, but it is unlikely that it is below 1000 rubles. From a legal point of view, mediums are no different from hairdressers and other people who provide any services.

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