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Why do children sleep longer than adults?

Children sleep much longer than adults is a well-known fact. Young parents may feel that their newborn baby sleeps all day long. In fact, in the first year of life children sleep 18 hours a day, in fragments for 4 hours. Scientists have long known that babies continue to develop during sleep. But development is a complex process. Researchers from around the world are trying to figure out exactly what happens in different parts of the body of children as they grow up. Recently, American scientists conducted a large-scale study, during which they found out at what age children stop sleeping long. They also learned what is the difference between the dreams of children and adults. Many parents wake their offspring in kindergarten and school, which is perfectly normal. But newborns cannot be woken up ahead of time, because important processes take place in their brain. It is about them that we will talk in the framework of this article.

Scientists have found out what happens to children during sleep

What is sleep for?

The results of the American scientiststhe studies were published in the scientific journal Science Advances. As part of the scientific work, scientists studied data on the sleep of 400 children aged 0 to 15 years. They were interested in how many hours a day they sleep and how sleep affects the mass and other properties of their brains.

Children sleep shorter as they age

Researchers still cannot agree on why humans and animals need sleep. At the moment, there are two assumptions:

  • first version states that a person needs sleep to processinformation received by the brain during the day. During a night's rest in the brain, neural connections are created and strengthened, on the number of which the mental abilities of a person directly depend.
  • second version is that during sleep a personrestores the state of its nerve tissues. All cells, including even brain cells, exchange various substances with each other, and during this process harmful substances are released. Falling asleep, a person allows his body to cleanse itself of them.

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Sleep of children and adults

As it turned out, both versions are correct. But the functions of sleep are highly dependent on the age of the person. The results of the study showed that up to about 2.4 years of age, children's sleep is 50% REM. During this phase, neural connections are formed in the brain. That is, the child develops his mental abilities. The more neural connections are created, the more he knows. Therefore, scientists strongly advise parents not to wake their children ahead of time. They wake up when they see fit.

Fact: basically, a person sees dreams during REM sleep. Dreams can be dreamed in a slow phase, but they are not as long and less emotional.

After the age of two, children begin to sleepto acquire more and more "adult" features. The duration of REM sleep begins to decrease. This increases the period of stay in the phase of slow sleep. In this phase, the human body restores the reserves of energy expended during the day. And the brain no longer processes data, but is engaged in securing them.

There is a big difference between the sleep of children and adults.

As adults, the duration of a person's sleepbegins to shrink. While babies can sleep 18 hours a day, teenagers are already sleeping 8 hours a day. Adults can get enough sleep in 6 hours. Unfortunately, statistics show that starting from adolescence, people stop sleeping for the recommended amount of time. Young people have too many temptations like playing computer games and meeting friends, and adults cannot sleep because of a lot of work. No matter how difficult it is, every person is advised to restore sleep patterns, because lack of sleep is fraught with serious health problems.

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