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Why do children need to wear a school uniform and what it used to be

Today in Russia there is no unified schooluniforms for students - schools themselves establish internal regulations. Most of them have a strict “white top, black bottom” dress code because teachers, parents and board of trustees have decided so. But there are also schools where teachers do not pay much attention to the appearance of students: wearing T-shirts, jeans and other “street” clothes is the norm there. Many people, especially teenagers, have a question: why not abolish the school uniform? In fact, having a uniform uniform for all students has several big advantages. After all, it was not in vain that it was invented and used for hundreds of years?

School uniforms have pros and cons, but which ones?


  • 1 Why do I need a school uniform?
    • 1.1 School uniform prepares for adulthood
    • 1.2 School uniform unites
    • 1.3 School uniform suppresses envy
  • 2 Reasons for canceling school uniforms
    • 2.1 School uniforms can breed envy
    • 2.2 School uniforms are framing
    • 2.3 School uniform distracts from study
  • 3 What was the old school uniform in the USSR and before
    • 3.1 School uniform before the revolution
    • 3.2 School uniforms after the revolution
    • 3.3 Post-war school uniform
    • 3.4 School uniform of the 60s
    • 3.5 School uniforms in the 70s
    • 3.6 Modern school uniform

Why do you need a school uniform?

It’s worth noting right away that many people may not agree with some of the items on this list. But, nevertheless, there are some advantages in the school uniform, and this is not an absolute evil.

School uniform prepares for adulthood

First of all, the mandatory wearing of schoolforms teach children discipline. As a rule, each child has only one costume, and somehow it must be saved until the end of the year. A single uniform teaches a child to be neat, which can be very helpful in adulthood. In addition, representatives of many professions must strictly observe the dress code. And it will be good if a person is trained in this from childhood.

School uniform unites

When the school chooses a strict, but at the same timeeye-catching form, her students are noticeable from afar. It is believed that the same clothes give a sense of unity. Students of the same school seem to become members of a single team, which makes them more willing to work together. So, at least, some people think.

School uniform suppresses envy

Children are designed in such a way that they often envy each other.This is not uncommon among adults. If students dress in their own way, there will surely be those in the classes who dress better than others. As a result, other children will start begging for the same clothes from their parents, and they may not have enough money for this. If you dig deeper, this can cause low self-esteem in children. A single uniform partially solves this problem - when everyone is dressed the same, there are fewer reasons for envy.

No matter how against the children, the school uniform has advantages

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Reasons for canceling school uniforms

However, school uniforms are not perfect. Some parents, and especially teenagers, insist that it be canceled, and they have very weighty arguments.

School uniforms can breed envy

A little higher, we noted that the school uniform solves the problem of envy only partially. Even clothes that look the same can be differentquality. Some families can afford a school uniform for several tens of thousands of rubles, while others are looking for cheaper options. Some children wear their brothers' clothes, which can lower their self-esteem. So, according to some people, the way children are better off wearing casual clothes.

School uniforms are framing

The second big minus of the school uniform is thatit deprives children of the opportunity for self-expression. They all look the same, while they could wear what they really like. The argument is weighty, but third-party school uniforms can say that these frameworks also teach discipline. And who is right?

School uniform distracts from studying

As a rule, school uniforms are expensive and childrentrying to be more careful. Okay, boys don't really care about that. But girls still pay a lot of attention to this. Opponents of school uniforms believe that when wearing T-shirts and jeans, children would be less distracted by putting themselves in order and study better. In addition, teachers often focus on the appearance of students and lecture them, which also allegedly distracts from classes.

The school uniform is accepted in many countries, and everywhere it is different.

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What was the old school uniform in the USSR before

School uniforms are constantly changing. Basically, the changes were small, but there were periods when the clothes of schoolchildren changed beyond recognition.

School uniform before the revolution

It is believed that one of the first school uniformsappeared in pre-revolutionary times and was introduced by Emperor Nicholas I. Girls wore strict dresses with aprons, and boys wore dark green uniforms and caps.

Pre-revolutionary school uniform

School uniform after the revolution

After that, the school uniform several timeschanged, but only in details - there were no cardinal changes. After the 1917 revolution, uniforms were abolished and children went to school in their normal clothes. The photo below shows how they all differ.

Schoolchildren of 1917

Post-war school uniform

The situation changed in 1949, after the GreatPatriotic War. The school uniform returned in the form in which it was canceled. The boys began to wear uniforms and caps again, and the girls put on brown dresses with an apron. On ordinary days, the apron was black, and on holidays it was white.

Post-war school uniform

School uniform 60s

The next changes took place in the 1960s.The girls got stockings and tights, and they were also removed from strict hairstyle requirements. The boys stopped looking like military men and began to dress in white shirts, jackets and trousers. You can see the result in the photo below.

1960s school uniform

School uniform 70s

In the 1970s, boys became even more stylish. The school uniform has become blue, and the jackets have become fitted. Thanks to this, the students began to look like adults.

1970s school uniform

Toward the end of the 1970s, the blue uniform came togirls. It is noteworthy that there were big problems with the production of jackets for girls, because before, as it turned out, few people knew how to sew costumes for girls.

School uniform for girls in 1977

Modern school uniform

After that, the era of school uniforms of the USSR passed.In the 1990s, some schools abolished the uniform, and then it became the way it is today. Depending on the school, the type of school uniform varies, but the basis is often the same: a white top and a black bottom.

Clothes of modern schoolchildren

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