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Why do cats and cats purr?

Cats, along with dogs, are among thethe most popular pets in the world. According to statistics, today there are more than 600 million domestic cats in the world, and the number of their breeds has already exceeded 200. Probably, there is not a single person in the world who has not heard the warm and calm purring of these furry creatures. But do you know for what purpose and how they make these sounds? The answer to this question was decided by scientists from the UK - the results of their research were published in the scientific publication Current Biology.

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world.

It’s worth emphasizing right away that cats are brightpronounced social animals. This means that they actively interact with each other, and also willingly communicate with people. To do this, they use various sounds, body movements and pheromones - substances released by the body that are necessary for chemical communication between individuals of the same animal species.

Interesting fact - while purring in a cat it is impossible to listen to breathing and a heartbeat

Despite the lack of compelling scientificevidence of the healing power of cats, a treatment method called felinotherapy is very popular in the world. For the first time, treatment with cats was applied in the XVIII century, outside the walls of one of the hospitals in England. Besides the fact that cats “healed” people with their purrs and warmth, some doctors saw the benefit in the so-called “milk step”. This term refers to the slow trampling of a cat in a certain place - they give a massage to their mother’s belly in childhood so that the mammary glands give more milk.

Do you know how much it costs to clone a cat or dog?

Purring is also known to help cats.heal your own wounds. It is believed that vibration stimulates the brain to produce hormones responsible for pain relief, calming and tissue repair. Scientists from the California city of Davis once suggested that this purring property helps cats maintain healthy bones, which can easily weaken due to the sedentary lifestyle of furry creatures.

Some cats sleep 16-18 hours a day.

Which organ purr cats?

Over the years of research, scientists likeand it was not possible to find a purr apparatus in cats. There is an assumption that the publication of vibrating sounds is responsible for the electrical impulses that arise in the cerebral cortex, which cause the vocal cords to contract. If so, then we can say that the source of purring sounds is located between the base of the skull and the base of the tongue. A purring sound is made through the mouth and nose and spreads throughout the body.