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Why do 45% of all Americans refuse to wear a face shield

Not so long ago we talked about the consequencesquarantine, or rather, about its serious damage to the minds of people. Today, I became interested in what percentage of people in the world adhere to the recommended antiviral measures. For example, in Russia recently these measures have been tightened by introducing mask-glove mode. What about other countries like the USA,which breaks all records? Is their catastrophic situation an exclusively public health flaw, or is there something more behind it? Let's get it right.

Wearing masks and gloves is now a must!

Let's start with the good: according to one of the major players in the field of free communication TextNow, the market situation has changed, users spent more than 450 million minutes talking on the phone in the first full month of self-isolation, March. Although this may not have been such a shocking thing, it is 36% more than in the previous month, which is logical and amounts to 313,000 days or 850 years of cumulative phone talk time. Text messaging has also grown, jumping 35% to almost billion.

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As CEO of TextNow Derek Ting says:

People seek personal connections duringsocial distancing, and this has led to a significant increase in activity on our platform over the past couple of months. There was a spike in phone calls during quarantine and I think it will continue indefinitely

That is, the dynamics are positive. And there is no general refusal of doctors' recommendations. But why, in this case, 45% of Americans refuse to wear protective masks? There are many theories about why this is so. Someone will say that because of American independence and resistance to authority, someone will say that this is simply ignorance. At least one doctor has a different opinion.

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According to the head of the department of infectious diseases at St. Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Dr. Henry Redell:

I think people hesitate to wear masks becauseof our culture, people are used to using their faces to express emotions and communication. Quarantine for them is a big change. A culture in Asia where people are more reserved and disciplined had better results during this pandemic.

Take care first of all your loved ones!

It turns out interestingly. America is all smiling, therefore, it is not ready to abandon this dependence in constant communication and cheerfulness. And in Russia, if you refer to emotions, the situation is a little different. Russian on the street is not an ordinary citizen, it is warrior. He fights life around him.reality. He was born to fight. He got up with a temperature of 38, drank fairways and scratched to work, and then he got a mask from a virus that still doesn’t take everyone. It becomes a competition. He’ll take everyone, but you won’t break me.

In fact, America and I are the antipodes. The source of our disobedience with the Americans is emotions, but different, and for Russians even more pride. But how to make people wear masks. I think that you just need to explain why this is necessary. Not in TV propaganda mode, but with the help of human the logic.

As Redel continued his speech:

The more masked people in public, the lessopportunities for the spread of the virus. Most of the spread comes from asymptomatic hosts, so masking even without symptoms is still protective. A tissue mask reduces the amount of virus that can spread from person to person, and this is better than not wearing a mask at all. By wearing a mask, you can protect the people around you, family, friends, and people nearby. Not everyone is healthy, and many people have a disease or a weak immune system. If we all want to return to a “normal life,” then wearing a mask is one way

Study after study shows thatmasks can help. One study found that masks help when someone coughs near you, which releases up to 3,000 drops, which can cause your infection. Another study showed that the spread of the virus comes mainly from carriers with immunity, and not from the sick.

Allergy sufferers are more likely to transmit viral diseases than ordinary people

Also, spring is now - time for allergy sufferers. Wednesday favors sneezing and coughing. An infected allergy can sneeze near you and infect you with a virus. Yes, even if it was half an hour ago. Imagine such a man sneezing and covering his mouth with his palm. I took a jar of your favorite yogurt to see, held it in my hands and put it back. You took the same jar, scratched your face and became infected. You may be immune. And your children, younger brothers and sisters, the adult generation?

I want to contact you as Russian: Wear a mask and gloves is not shameful. Russians are a strong nation, but strength lies not only in not getting sick on its own, strength is in protecting the weak. If you are truly a warrior, then protect your loved ones. I do what I advocate, and you?

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