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Why did they buy toilet paper in Australia and how is it related to coronavirus?

Coronavirus hysteria has spread all over the world.faster than the coronavirus itself: the borders of states are in a hurry to be closed from tourists from China, airports are being checked for sick people, and in more or less developed countries, you can measure the temperature even in small shopping centers. Torn away from the rest of the world, the people of Australia decided to take a very original path in the fight against infection, having begun to massively buy nothing more than toilet paper. What caused such a strange behavior of the population of one of the most developed countries in the world?

Coronavirus panic leads to toilet paper shortage in Australia

Toilet paper shortage in Australia

Anxiety over coronavirus has already covered the wholethe globe, forcing some people to behave, to put it mildly, inadequately. As if preparing for the apocalypse, residents of many countries hurriedly buy everything that could fit in their improvised bomb shelter, sometimes forgetting common sense. A vivid example of this is the behavior of the people of Australia, where today you can often see quite presentable, at first glance, people fighting over a roll of toilet paper. Psychologists explain this strange behavior by stress, but not only the effect of negative emotions forces Australians to leave empty shelves with toilet paper, claims.

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Dr. Paul Harrison, Human SpecialistDeekin University, explained the reasons why Australians massively stock up on toilet paper. According to him, shopping has always been a good way to get rid of stress, if we consider the behavior of residents of capitalist countries, one of which is Australia.

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Coronavirus for the Australian mentality mayseem like an abstract problem whose effects and consequences are unclear, and therefore cause fear. In such crisis moments, people, trying to somehow regain their sense of security, are drawn to those little things that they can control. Buying toilet paper and cleaning products, residents of developed countries are able to temporarily muffle the feeling of lack of control and balance it with more positive emotions.

Can buying toilet paper drown out negative emotions?

Another significant reason for the situationthere may be a secondary effect that occurred at a time when people who did not succumb to mass panic did not want to remain without toilet paper, which gradually turned into a scarce product. Among other things, an unusual situation occurred against the background of an extremely low level of trust in politicians and institutions, which significantly aggravates the feeling of insecurity that pops up in times of crisis for a country.

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While buying toilet paper and other itemspersonal hygiene can really help to overcome existential fears for a short time, thanks to its “down-to-earthness”, and because of this feeling of control over the situation conveyed by this simple action, Dr. Harrison recommends that you solve problems with anxiety about coronavirus using several other methods. So, one of the most effective methods for solving the problem may not be the purchase of toilet rolls, but the usual assistance to other people. When making a decision that carries a certain positive emotional background, it becomes much easier for us to reduce our anxiety, while also receiving a pleasant sense of reward for the perfect action.

Have you stocked up with toilet paper?