Why did the American spacecraft Crew Dragon actually explode

This spring during engine testingThe SpaceX Dragon spacecraft suffered an “anomaly” - as the company itself dubbed it. It is not clear how the leaked video of the incident captured the countdown followed by burning the engines SuperDraco and - boom, everything exploded. Until now, it was unknown why one of the most advanced capsules turned into clouds of smoke.

SpaceX has been around for a long time but July 15nevertheless published the official details of the incident with Crew Dragon. According to experts, in the pressurization system of tanks there is a valve that is responsible for the passage of helium in the direction of the fuel tanks. It usually works like a clock, but it was at that time that it began to function incorrectly: the valve allowed a “reverse stroke”, due to which the fuel got into the tank with helium.

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Why Crew Dragon Exploded

The very hit of fuel in the supercharge tank with helium is notcould cause an explosion. But after the engine was started, this led to an increase in pressure - helium, as it should be, rushed to the valve, but it was prevented by fuel, which should not be there. There was a reaction with titanium of one of the valve components, after which a fire and a subsequent explosion occurred.

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To prevent this situation from recurring,SpaceX promised to remove check valves from the capsule altogether - they will install bursting discs instead. They will not be able to miss the fuel in the pressurization system, because they are in the closed state to a certain level of gas pressure.

It's good that the capsule burst didn't happen thenwhen it was launched with people - for this SpaceX and conducts similar tests. The company had big plans for Crew Dragon, because it was he who in March of this year was able to dock with the ISS, and then successfully splashed down to Earth.

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Crew Dragon has a length of eight meters and accommodatesseven astronauts. The crew module, like its rocket, is reusable - this is an important part of the SpaceX business model, designed for savings due to multiple use. True, an unforeseen explosion is hardly part of the policy of economy.

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