Why did Tele2 choose Chelyabinsk for its remote service office? Life of employees in the office


Why Chelyabinsk? Why did Tele2 open a remote service office in this city? This question

was spinning in my head all the way from Moscow.The flight takes two and a half hours, the plane is packed, although there are many flights during the day. What do you know about Chelyabinsk? Lines from statistical collections pop up in my head: the seventh city in Russia in terms of population, there are more than a million of them. An industrial center that houses dozens of industries, the city is built around factories, although it is already under three hundred years old. Kurchatov and the atomic bomb - such an association flickers on the verge of consciousness. But no significant achievements in the field of telecom.

Try to remember exactly where it is.Chelyabinsk on the map of Russia, most people will not be able to show the city. Simplify the task: ask how long it takes to fly from Moscow to it - the answers will vary, but usually everything will come down to an average of five hours (actually 2.5 hours). For some reason, people often place the city in Siberia, although it is located in the Urals. From the point of view of the weather, there are quite often sudden temperature changes here, in a few hours the thermometer can show a change of fifteen degrees. Locals brag and say that the differences can be 20-25 degrees, but the statistics are stubborn and claim that this almost never happens. In summer, the average temperature is plus 25 degrees, in winter, in the coldest month, January, minus 13 degrees. Something similar to Moscow, there is no difference.

In Chelyabinsk and the region there is a coefficient forwages (adopted in the USSR for the Far North and areas with difficult weather conditions) - it is 1.15. In fact, it turns out that you pay a tax of 13%, and on top you are left with 2% from the state. I think that many will envy such an approach, but the ecology in Chelyabinsk is not always conducive to life and enjoyment of nature. Around the city there are more than three hundred lakes - a paradise. When the plane starts to descend, you see these lakes, large and small - the whole surface is strewn with small mirrors. A beautiful picture, I want to go fishing or just relax outside the city.

Alas, but industry, including metallurgy,is such that it is physically difficult to breathe in the city. It is as if in a bowl, and even the wind does not disperse harmful impurities. In the hotel, the windows are made in such a way that there is no doubt: you should not open them, there is simply no such option. The air conditioner works, but it drives exactly the same air. There are no sharp smells, but the feeling that you are in a place where the oxygen content is low. The watch went crazy for the first 24 hours and told me that the oxygen level in the blood was dropping below 90%: "Boy, run away from here, just run." Another feature of Chelyabinsk is that the temperature is perceived quite differently - all the time a little hot and stuffy. Rather, stuffiness turns into an unconscious perception of temperature. No, no extreme situations when you open your mouth like a fish washed ashore. Breathing, at first glance, is not at all difficult, but the atmosphere presses in the truest sense of the word.

And here we again come to the question of why in Tele2chose Chelyabinsk? The answer lies in the industrial essence of the city, its development. On the one hand, it is well located and equipped with modern infrastructure, which is rapidly developing along with production (the latter do not stop, but work and increase the burden on the environment, the opening of new plants is prohibited). On the other hand, there are many educational institutions in the millionaire city, those who come here see a small copy of the Moscow State University building on Sparrow Hills, even sculptures in their places. This is the main building of South Ural State University.


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Numerous students and young people throughoutAs of January 1, 2022, there were 898 thousand of them in the Chelyabinsk region. And this is another factor that is important for the potential opening of a remote operator service center - you need young people who will work here. In 2015, when the Tele2 office opened, it was the first major project of its kind in the city. Moreover, the project is of such a scale that it attracted young people. And we can safely say that he launched the process of gentrification.

The remote service office is located onVitebskaya street four; when you order a taxi, you are brought to the corner of the building. And it is easy to recognize in it a large factory building that was lined with panels to hide the old nature of this building. Look out the window - opposite is exactly the same building that belonged to the plant.

The magic of gentrification begins when youcome around the corner: paved pavement, modern offices and restaurants on the ground floor, opposite the market, and along the street - swings, scooters and other signs of a trendy place. In 2015, when this office was opened, there was simply nothing like this here - it was a typical ruined area, with a touch of dust and decay on everything around. If you want to feel this moment, you just need to move aside - there is enough such goodness in Chelyabinsk. But today this building is a place of attraction, the process of gentrification is in full swing, a kind of growth point.

Natalia Yashina, director of the remoteservice, recalls how she chose a place, negotiated with the owners of the building in 2015. Negotiations took almost half a year until the price was agreed - it became several times less than the initial request. But the main thing is that the Tele2 office turned out to be an anchor tenant - others followed the company. Now imagine that you have an office where more than a thousand people work, they need cafes, restaurants, meeting places, shops with various things. And the place gradually began to flourish, between 2015 and 2023 there is a huge gap. Perhaps, here it is necessary to make a picture in the “before-before” style, but I do not have old photographs of this street and building.

For conversations, they went outside to have a bite to eat,I didn’t want oriental cuisine, we chose Russian - the Pechka restaurant. A great place with very tasty food, prices are above average for Chelyabinsk, but a confident level of Moscow or St. Petersburg establishments, with a very pleasant price for tourists or business travelers. The same process of gentrification and in such a small way - if there were not so many employees of different companies here, the restaurants could not exist, they would not be profitable. Here is an example of a dessert from this place.

Do not misunderstand, someone habitually decidesthat I am crediting Tele2 with the gentrification of the entire area, which is not the case. The company gave an impetus, and then the gears spun. Sometimes it is important to show how you can do it differently, in a different way.

I caught myself thinking that, consideringphotographs hung on the walls of the Tele2 office, I see different employees in completely different situations: a field trip, some kind of matinee, a table tennis championship, and so on. A sort of motivational thing, but in the corridors there are no pictures that top managers are proud of - they say, here I am surrounded by city hall employees, and here is the governor and some ranks. When I was preparing this material, I came across a large number of such pictures with officials on the net, and it suddenly turned out that I know many of them personally, I recruited some, asked them about their thoughts about the office. The common denominator can be described as follows: active, sociable, trying to change the world for the better, pulling us.

Lyrical digression - it is important for understandingthese epithets. When they tell you in Chelyabinsk that someone is active, feel free to multiply this epithet by an order of magnitude, then you will get an idea about the person. The region is unique in that people show their social position in big and small, constantly talk about what they want to get and how they see their life. Politicians are well aware of this, for example, a hotline with the President of Russia - and the second place in terms of the number of questions belongs to Chelyabinsk and the region, in terms of the population it takes the first place. Probably, this can be characterized by the word self-respect, people believe that they can change certain things, they are not afraid to talk about them. No, this is not an ideal world, there are enough problems and troubles, life is the same everywhere in big and small. But people are active and with their life position. For a couple of days I managed to talk with a dozen random people, fleeting acquaintances, and each time this feature of the local character manifested itself. It is curious and very pleasant to see such an approach to life.

I walked around the Tele2 office both with accompanying persons andwithout them. An unfamiliar uncle in a colored sweatshirt, clearly falling out of this world. Everyone greeted me, and it sounded different, someone said “hello”, someone came out “hello”. It didn't sound formal. I tried Natalya, asked if there was a briefing before my visit so that everyone was so polite? The answer was something like this: “We have internal chats related to the life of the office - we talk about all the events there. They told us about your arrival - we have employees who read you and want to come up to talk. Of course, if you don’t mind, I didn’t have time to ask you about it. ” Not a Potemkin village, but a systematic approach.

I got out of the meeting room and looked into different corners of the office alone, everyone greeted each other. I got to the bottom of the girl to find out why she said hello to me:

- Hello. But you said hello to me, we do not know each other.

- Oh, I'm Lena.

- Do you always say hello to everyone?

- ... well, yes, you go to the office, everyone here always greets everyone. Is that normal?

It became a little ashamed for a sort of disbelief in people.I went into the rest room, the girl climbed into a chair with her legs, she had a break. I ask: "Can I take a picture of you?" In response: "Yes, please, I do not mind."

Behind the wall by the bookshelf (the guys collect books themselves, share them) another girl is sitting, chatting with someone. Nods, says: "Photograph on health."

Another rest room - a girl passes through ittelephone interview (as it turned out, in another office of the company). I indecently burst in and show that I want to take a photo. He waves his hand, tries to get up - I say that it is not necessary.

In the cubes where specialists work, I ask the same question, in response, a forest of hands, everyone wants to get a photo. Girls and guys.

Liberated, free enough, there is nodowntrodden neither in actions, nor in sights. A healthy atmosphere that is not to be confused with anything. I torture Natasha with tricky questions: is there a psychologist on staff? There is a psychologist in the office in Rostov, he appeared a year ago, people are concerned not so much with work issues as with what is happening in the country and the world, which creates an emotional mood. In Chelyabinsk, you can get a remote consultation with a psychologist - a service of a contracting company. There are no serious conflicts inside the office. By the way, there is a visiting doctor in the office, the company provides medical insurance for all employees.


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Now let's pretend that you are not insunny California in GooglePlex, and in sunny Chelyabinsk. You meet smiling people in the office, they are not squeezed, they communicate well, they are not afraid to ask questions to their superiors. Without familiarity, but also without fawning. You know, this is exactly the atmosphere that I would like to see in most offices in the country, especially such huge ones. Speaking directly about the specialists who work with subscribers, there are more than six hundred of them in the office, and it is always flooded with people.

The office budget is not unlimited, but on each floor,which is occupied by the company, there are typical places - a canteen where you can drink coffee, eat cookies. There are also refrigerators where you can store your food that you brought from home. Vending machines sell sandwiches and snacks, but you can go to any cafe nearby, the prices are reasonable.

The activity of the guys is manifested in everything.There are small mailboxes near the doors, where you can post your wishes for changes, or discuss them in chats. For example, the guys wanted massage chairs, and they appeared in the office.

Good stuff, but didn't see it during the daythey were occupied non-stop, the novelty has passed, they are used as needed. The same story about consoles, games for them - the guys play in their free time, choose what they like. Someone is late after work. A piece of California that was built in a separate building in Chelyabinsk. I remember, after reporting from the Valley, how our readers wrote to me: "We will never have this, the people are not the same." Here is a specific example of “that” people who know how and can - it all depends on people and their focus on results. Respect other people - you get the right result at the output.

The small room has a gym, hangingpear, there are dumbbells, as well as a shower. Girls and boys undress separately. Also one of the wishes of employees who wanted to get the opportunity to warm up.

Interestingly, there are ordinary scooters on the floors,they were set up as an experiment. They gained instant popularity, in a couple of months the wheels were cut off, but no one crashed into anyone, and it’s impossible to ride in circles here. An idea that the employees liked.

I wrote the word employees and I understand that it is correct, but the sound does not reflect my perception of the guys. Specialists, too, formally. There is also a different atmosphere, friendly and inviting.

I have a favorite saying:“Subordinates are an ugly copy of the boss.” We usually talk about it in a negative context, but here it’s exactly the opposite. In the office I met an old acquaintance, Nikolai Belogubets - we met ten years ago in another operator, now he is the director of sales and customer service management at Tele2. We started talking, in the conversation a phrase flashed: “We had colleagues in the market, they tell me - Kolya, you don’t work with people, they walk around your office smiling, but don’t crawl. We need to squeeze people dry.” I did not ask permission to voice this phrase, since I am 99% sure that I would not have received it. So it’s only my hooliganism, especially since no one in particular was named.

On this part of the report by a strong-willed decisionstop, here we figured out why the Tele2 office appeared in Chelyabinsk, talked about the city and people, stopped a little about organizing the life of employees. Here is the same story when there is so much material that it is a sin to cram it into small and dry notes. Therefore, in the following parts we will talk about other aspects of the remote service business - there is also a lot of unusual and interesting information.

P.S.In the comments to the first part of the report, my eyes caught on the phrase that you need to hang on the phone for an infinite time for the operator to talk to you. I tried to call 611, taking into account listening to the recorded greeting from the robot, additional information, I got a little more than 70 seconds. I typed it several times, there is a spread in time - on average it is from 60 to 75 seconds. True, I have a Black tariff, and it has a priority for service. Tell us how quickly they answer you (at the same time indicate which operator you have, as well as when you called - ten years ago and a year ago does not count).

The work of the operator in the Tele2 remote service center in Chelyabinsk

How many times do Tele2 specialists say thank you, salaries in Chelyabinsk, is there an age limit for working in the center of the company. As I sat on the line and listened to calls from subscribers.