Why did Israel give up the second flight to the moon?

Israeli company SpaceIL, which builtthe Bereshit spacecraft, hoping to win first place in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition for the development of the lunar probe, failed in April 2019 - the device it created crashed during landing. Despite the crushing failure, the company did not despair, and at the moment is already developing the Bereshit-2 apparatus. It was believed that he would complete the work begun by his predecessor, and still fall to the surface of the earth satellite, but no - the company representatives officially announced that they did not intend to return to the moon.

The unit "Bereshit", equipped with six8 megapixel cameras, a magnetometer, a digital time capsule and laser corner reflectors, weighed 585 kilograms, and cost $ 95 million. He became the first private device, which successfully circled the moon and went into its orbit. His crash occurred due to a malfunction in the inertial sensor - this problem will probably be corrected in Bereshit-2, and the rest of the novelty will be identical to the original.

"Bereshit-2" will not fly to the moon

The development of the second version of the device is carried out bymoney that the company received from XPRIZE, despite the unsuccessful landing. After several days of the collapse of the first version, the head of the company, Morris Kahn, announced that the work started by them would be completed - that is, they were going to repeat the attempt to land a similar apparatus on the lunar surface.

This time, we will not go to the moon. It was a successful record-breaking journey. Instead we will seek out another significant objective for Beresheet 2.0. More details to follow ...

- Israel To The Moon (@TeamSpaceIL) June 25, 2019

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After a couple of months, June 25, the company's planschanged dramatically. During a long conversation, the members of the Board of Directors of SpaceIL decided that the Bereshit-2 device should not return to the place where its predecessor had crashed. One would have thought that the company simply gave up, but she explained her decision by saying that landing on the moon is “not a breakthrough achievement, and does not set the team in serious enough tasks.”

What will the machine actually do?"Bereshit-2", now nobody knows - the company wants to listen to the proposals of the general public. Details on how to share your ideas will be published later.

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