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Why did Elon Musk really sell flamethrowers? There are several theories

It all started as a common joke (or at leastseemed so), but very soon grew into a real business scheme. In just a few days, Elon Musk's The Boring Company sold all 20,000 flamethrowers produced for $500 each. This gave the company, now mainly engaged in digging tunnels for the construction of a high-speed underground transportation system, an "extra" $ 10 million.

Yes, you read correctly.Flamethrowers are weapons so destructive that even the only country in history that dropped atomic bombs on several cities of another state banned their use back in 1978.

Many, of course, after this decided to ask obvious questions: Why did Elon Musk sell flamethrowers? Did he not find anything more worthy?

Several theories immediately appeared on the Internet on this subject.


  • 1 To make a lot of money fast
  • 2 Because maybe
  • 3 To prepare people for the zombie apocalypse
  • 4 Musk is not your typical billionaire. He loves fun

To make a lot of money fast

In just four days from the start of accepting pre-ordersfor flamethrowers at $500 apiece, they sold like hot cakes. Learn. Ten million dollars profit in just a few days. Most of this amount will go to the company's piggy bank, part will have to be paid to the state in taxes. But apparently, as the same portal The Verge wrote, the production of flamethrowers cost The Boring Company literally a penny, because structurally they are just an airsoft system with a “screwed” lighter and a small container for fuel. In addition, the only marketing campaign to promote them took place only on Twitter, as well as on Elon Musk's personal Instagram page. For those who are afraid for the safety of themselves and others when using a flamethrower, the company even thoughtfully included a free fire extinguisher in each package.

Around Musk himself, as well as his companies,there is a lot of skepticism. For example, the same Tesla is considered as a company that has a lot of ideas, but does not have the ability and ability to implement them. With the sale of flamethrowers (and before that, The Boring Company branded caps for $10 apiece), Musk was once again able to show that he can sell almost anything, as long as it has something to do with his name. Even if it is not necessary for an ordinary person. Even if it will never be used. At the same time, he stated this loudly, clearly and with his characteristic style. Musk became practically the second Jobs (this is one of the founders and leaders of Apple, who forgot). Behind that, such a "sin" was also observed.

Because maybe

Musk has spent years building his reputation as a mancapable of everything. A sort of "mad genius". But for world peace. He took on those projects that others had refused or failed to cope with before him. From self-driving electric cars to sending people to Mars. And if you have to wait with the second, then the first ones are already actually riding on public roads.

Musk is very good at getting and receive accolades from her. One recent example is his work to restore power to hospitals in Puerto Rico, which was recently hit by a hurricane. Who would have thought that Tesla batteries would be great as power sources? Against this background, the production of flamethrowers, of course, does not look so altruistic, but Musk has once again shown that he knows how to attract people's attention.

To prepare people for the zombie apocalypse

Well, or to some "end of the world."

“When the zombie apocalypse hits, you’ll be glad you bought a flamethrower,” Elon Musk tweeted shortly after The Boring Company began taking orders.

This is just one of several tweets dedicated toeffectiveness of the anti-zombie device. You see, there is a certain caste of people (and not only in America) - crazy or not, let's leave it to psychiatrists - who seriously believe that humanity may face a zombie uprising. If you consider yourself one of these people and have not yet had time to build a bunker in case of a zombie apocalypse, then the Mask has a fallback option for you. Surely, in which case, his company can easily not only resume the production of flamethrowers, but also engage in the production of other means of protection against the walking dead.

By the way, in the same Twitter, Musk hinted thatthat the Boring Company could switch to manufacturing jetpacks and portal guns. And you know what? Considering everything that Musk has said and done before, it is difficult to understand whether this is a joke, or whether such statements will eventually turn into real products sooner or later.

Musk is not your typical billionaire. He loves fun

Do you understand what level of fun we are talking about?Recall that this man went to knock on the thresholds of government agencies and ask for permission to dig tunnels under Los Angeles after he was tired of being bored every day in his car, being in traffic jams on roads loaded with traffic. And he recently sent his Tesla car straight to Mars. Therefore, the sale of flamethrowers is so, trifles. But not everyone shares his enthusiasm in this matter. At first, several US senators spoke out, concerned about the already high level of threat of wildfires in the US, which this year promises to be even higher. Then a real boycott was announced by the postal service, whose representatives said that the American service was not going to have anything to do with sending things that have the word "flamethrower" in the name. In this regard, Musk even promised to rename the product and call it "not a flamethrower." You see, he's just that kind of person.

The media of the same West note that they would have beenit is hard to imagine the same Jeff Bezos or, say, Bill Gates holding and advertising on Twitter or Instagram a flamethrower of their own production. But with Elon Musk, things are different. People expect even more extravagant and crazy ideas from him. And as a rule, it turns out that when Musk does something "fun", it turns out that he becomes several tens of millions of dollars richer.

When you are Elon Musk, you have several billion dollars in your account and you have good connections in the government, as well as government contracts for your companies, all doors are open for you.