Why can’t you take off your spacesuit on Mars?

If you ever find yourself among the brave astronauts who set off to colonize the Red Planet, then you should know one simple rule for survival on Mars: Under no circumstances should you take off your spacesuit! Even if you really want to! Due to the fact that the conditions of Mars are radically different from terrestrial ones, the possible consequences can become irreversible and even lead to your death.

So, the extremely rarefied atmosphere of Marspractically does not contain a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, which is vital for us, therefore, after several attempts to take at least a breath of air, you risk dying from suffocation. In addition, in severe Martian conditions, there is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon for humans: all the water that enters Mars begins to boil at 0.5 degrees Celsius. In other words, without a spacesuit on Mars, you risk not just losing oxygen, but also simply “boiling”.

First, such a destructive process will affect the softtissues of your body, which due to the lack of atmospheric pressure can increase several times. As a result, such a sharp expansion can cause extensive ruptures of blood vessels and capillaries.

Atmosphere on mars

Despite the unpleasant Martian property,which manifests itself in the form of boiling water at low pressure, very cold weather reigns almost constantly on the planet. The average daily temperature on Mars is -50 degrees, but on long Martian nights, the temperature often drops to -120 degrees.

Despite the cold, your body will be able tomaintain a more or less comfortable temperature for some time, because due to the lack of atmosphere, the heat will leave the body quite slowly. In other words, for some time you can be calm at least about the fact that instantly on Mars you just will not have time to freeze. Well, you will have other problems. More massive.

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Problems with the atmosphere and, in particular, with ozonelayer, they threaten the daredevil, who dares to nevertheless take off his suit, with the strongest radiation exposure. I think many have heard about the possible consequences of such an event, and, unfortunately, it does not bring anything good.

In any case, you will have about one and a halfminutes to somehow get into the oxygen atmosphere. In this positive scenario, you can get rid of relatively minor injuries (for example, temporary blindness caused by hypoxia). If this does not work out, then after 90 seconds the pressure in the circulatory system can drop so much that a further return to life will simply be impossible.

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