Why can't you sleep with a nightlight?

We have written many times how important it is forhuman sleep. During a night's rest, our body regains strength, fights against possible diseases and even gets rid of unnecessary memories. Since sleep plays a huge role in our life, we should treat it with great attention and responsibility. Recently, scientists from the Japanese city of Nara found that during sleep with the nightlight on, a person can develop deadly diseases. For people in general, any light during sleep is dangerous - even from a lantern shining outside the window. But what diseases are we talking about and why do they develop?

Fear of the dark can harm your health

As if a person were not afraid of sleep, for a fullnight rest he needs complete darkness. In the absence of light, melatonin is produced inside our body - a vital hormone that is responsible for controlling circadian rhythms and reduces blood pressure. But if a night light shines in the room, or the moon or a street lamp shines from the window, the production of this substance slows down. As a result, a person sleeps worse, his blood pressure rises and other health problems occur.

Can I sleep with the lights on?

Due to high blood pressure,metabolic and other factors, a person may well develop atherosclerosis. This term refers to a disease of the circulatory system, when the arteries lose their elasticity and cease to adequately provide the body with blood. If the blood stops flowing to any part of the brain, a person may have a stroke. This disease can paralyze a person or simply kill him.

Light pollution is one of the main problems of the modern world

The relationship between sleep in a bright room andthe development of atherosclerosis was found by Japanese researchers from the Medical University of Nara. For over three years, they examined the lives of 989 men and women aged 71 to 77 years. Lamps directed to the ceiling were installed in their rooms and the subjects had to sleep in the light. Studying the state of their health, scientists found that when they sleep with light, people actually have more symptoms of atherosclerosis.

Do you know how daytime sleep affects heart health?

Notably, disease progression does notwas associated with other known risk factors for their occurrence. These, for example, include age, excess weight, the presence of bad habits like alcohol abuse and smoking. So, in addition to the fact that we all should abandon addictions and follow a healthy diet, you must also sleep properly.

Usually most sleep improvement tipsreduced to a mandatory walk in the evening, the rejection of the use of electronic devices and the refusal of food a few hours before going to bed. But also do not neglect sleep masks - no matter how you try, sometimes you can’t hide from the city light from the window in other ways. The only way out of the situation is by curtaining the windows with blackout curtains.

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In general, the bright light of night cities bringsa huge number of problems. Because of the bright streetlights and storefronts, scientists sometimes can not observe space objects. And animals, like us, have serious sleep problems.