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Why can't we live on Mars?

As you know, already in 2024 the AmericanEntrepreneur Ilon Musk plans to send to Mars the first settlers who will not only study and explore the Red Planet, but also actively search for useful resources outside the Earth. However, despite the general euphoria for such a significant occasion, the future mission already has a large number of opponents. So, in 2014, representatives of the UAE issued a law that prohibits Muslims from flying to Mars, equating flying to this planet with suicide, and a number of space agencies around the world believe that creating a permanent colony on the Red Planet may simply be an unprofitable investment due to the long distance between the Earth and Mars and, as a result, the impossibility of cheapening the necessary freight traffic to maintain the livelihood of the future outpost.

Mars - one of the most similar to Earth planets of the solar system

Can you survive on Mars?

In order to get to Mars, mantens and hundreds of millions of kilometers of outer space must be overcome. Due to the fact that humanity does not yet have a sufficient level of technology necessary for making long interplanetary travels, a flight to Mars will be a rather boring and monotonous event that can drive even the most persistent and trained astronaut crazy. In addition, upon arrival on Mars, astronauts will have to learn to withstand the harsh conditions of the Red Planet, which in this world, completely covered with rust, is a considerable amount.

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The red regolith covering the surface of Mars is almost entirely composed of iron oxide and silica

According to the data obtained as a resultlong-term observations of Mars, the main problems that can pose a threat to the health and life of astronauts will be low gravity on the planet, high levels of radiation on the surface, combined with an almost complete absence of atmosphere and oxygen, as well as very low temperatures, in terms of their indicators superior even to the Antarctic. In addition, powerful dust storms, sometimes covering the entire hemispheres of Mars, will significantly slow down the progress of colonization of the Red Planet. So, in order to survive and save the vital equipment of the first settlers, we will have to learn to predict the occurrence of storms, build shelters and look for ways to protect electronic equipment, the loss of which can lead to the disappearance of the entire Martian colony.

Powerful dust storm on Mars

In the event that the idea of ​​creating an earthly colonyon Mars, once it does come true, it will be impossible to go beyond the outpost without a spacesuit for a number of reasons. Due to the fact that the thin Martian atmosphere consists of 95% carbon dioxide, the fate of a person on the Red Planet without any external protection will be decided in just a couple of minutes. In addition, low pressure on the surface of Mars, which is only 0.6% of the Earth’s, will cause the liquid in the human body to literally boil, which will provoke a strong swelling of all body tissues and rupture of its blood vessels.

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In theory, life on Mars is quite possible withprovided that future colonists observe certain rules that could support the viability of both the entire outpost and the individual astronaut. However, a huge number of unpleasant nuances, with which a person’s existence in a world alien will be directly connected, can jeopardize even the most well-planned mission to conquer the Red Planet.