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Why can coronavirus panic be more dangerous than the disease itself?

Coronavirus, because of which mostmodern media has turned into a continuous summary of medical news; it may not be as dangerous as panic caused by an exaggerated reaction of people to the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 pneumonia. This is the opinion of experts from the University of Toronto in Canada, who are confident that the consequences of universal hysteria can do much more damage to the global economy than the disease itself. Is the virus situation really exaggerated?

Is coronavirus so dangerous, as everyone says about it?

The true danger of coronavirus

Chinese virus from the small city of Wuhan,which became world famous at the end of 2019, can be much more dangerous for the global economy than for the health of the inhabitants of our planet. An article about this was written by a doctor from the University of Toronto, Abdou Sharkaui, who believes that the panic over the spread of COVID-19 can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences that can somehow affect the inhabitants of our long-suffering blue ball. According to, the wave of fear that struck the population of even the most developed countries in the world contributed to the realization of the bad script of the zombie apocalypse film: people are massively stealing respirator masks from hospitals and emergency clinics that are really needed for doctors, working people at the forefront; arrange fights over toilet paper and massively buy everything that may be needed to survive in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Struck by general fear, they put on the obtained respirators at airports, shopping centers and cafes, thereby creating an oppressive atmosphere in public places and causing even more existential horror on the part of observers.

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Due to the lack of respiratory masks, people are trying to get them in all legal and not very ways

Hysteria at the philistine level, not onlyIt supports, but even fuels the world government, which unduly restricts the movement of people around the globe, markedly reduces the level of international trade, and also disrupts people's usual lives and even the pace of economic growth. Thus, the massive closure of borders with China, the restriction of flights to the affected regions and a significant decline in exports are excellent ways of isolating a large country from the rest of the world almost completely.

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Despite the active ranking of the situation inmodern media, Abdu Sharkaui is convinced that coronavirus infection can be dangerous only for the elderly and people with reduced immunity. For everyone else, the virus may not be as dangerous as it is told to us from TV screens, and the only thing that can really ruin humanity in this situation may be our own behavior and selfish attitude to other people. Sharkawi apparently had in mind widespread propaganda against coronavirus in countries such as the United States and Great Britain, where many stores suddenly found a shortage of personal hygiene products massively bought in case of an epidemic.

Do we really appear in the face of danger?