Why becoming a VPN provider is not an easy task?

VPNs are more than just a toolgeographic blocking and protection of personal information, but also a profitable business. Especially given the growing demand for such services. However, it requires significant resources. And it's not only about finances, but also about skills in the field of sales, as well as understanding the user's psychology.

The popularity of VPN services is growing worldwide. This is due to many factors: from the political situation in countries to the desire of companies to defend themselves against cybercriminals. Therefore, such a service is an attractive business. In addition to large cash investments, it is associated with other difficulties.

Tough competition

List of services that provide VPN services,truly huge - it’s easy for the user to “get lost” in it. Some providers are focused on the European audience, others - on the American. Still others are in the Asia-Pacific region.

Most real-time VPN service providers respond to user requests so as not to lose their loyalty. For instance, RUSVPN - site one of the most popular providers - guarantees24/7 support. This indicates market saturation and serious competition. Therefore, a newcomer who intends to become a provider needs to think carefully about what he can offer his customers and what exactly will attract them. So, for a start, you have to do a lot of analytical work.

It’s hard to sell VPN services without a good reputation

Selling VPN services is a delicate matter. This is more complicated than, for example, selling applications on Google Play or the App Store. The fact is that when buying VPN services, a person gives not just money, but also personal data, up to intimate information (personal correspondence, photos, etc.). For a service to be trusted, it must have a good reputation based on customer loyalty and trust. Positive feedback and reviews play a large role in this: without them, few will want to use the service. To achieve this is real: you need to work honestly.

The need for competent technical support

Since VPN is a client service, withoutquality user support is indispensable. The simplest option may be a knowledge base, where solutions to common problems will be described step by step. But in an atypical situation, the client expects not just an operational response from the service, but a competent consultation. What exactly the problem will be connected with is extremely difficult to predict. Therefore, dispensing with personnel who are well versed in complex network configurations will not be easy.

User negativity cannot be avoided

Being a VPN provider means working with people,communicate with them. It is customer service that is one of the most important selling points. Any business related to the provision of services should focus on it.
It’s very important to maintain composure and notmove the dialogue to the plane of conflict if the client is “difficult”. For example, he overly persistently offers his own options for solving the problem, is irritated or impatient. Such situations will certainly be. It is important to remember that the ability to conduct constructive communication is necessary to build a good reputation.

We’ll have to work on a dedicated IP address service.

The dedicated IP address service is in high demand among users. In particular, among entrepreneurs who seek to protect valuable information from being intercepted by intruders.

To provide such a service, you need a hosterallowed to connect additional IP addresses to servers. Otherwise, you will have to rent a separate low-end server, and this automatically increases the cost of the service (the subscriber can go to competitors). Therefore, it is worth thinking about the allocated addresses right away - at the decision stage, provide VPN services. It is desirable that they can be easily changed (for example, for an additional fee).


Abuses are an integral part of the VPN business. These are user complaints forwarded to the hosting provider. If subscribers commit illegal actions (for example, download illegal content or send spam, phishing), the host can block the hosting account of the VPN provider. Moreover, if the provider of VPN services does not maintain logs, it is extremely difficult to identify the violator.

The Golden Shield or The Great Chinese Firewall

China has strict laws restrictingfree internet access. And since the country's government is constantly working on the effectiveness of the Great Firewall, which has already learned to detect and block VPN encryption protocols (including OpenVPN), VPN services there have actually been banned. Therefore, getting around a firewall is an extremely difficult task for many VPN providers.
Exit may be the presence of servers in neighboringcountries or your own custom VPN client, in which, along with updates, you can “embed” additional software to obfuscate traffic to the VPN server.


VPN is an interesting but complex business. It is important to understand that one person simply will not be able to take on all the tasks that every day this segment of the market requires. To support the life of such a project, it is necessary to understand programming (desktop and mobile platforms), networks and Unix systems.

In addition, you will need:

● advanced skills in promoting services and sales on the Internet;
● understanding of consumer psychology;
● the ability to keep your service afloat and promote it (the market is growing, and with it the number of competitors);
● Ability to provide quality technical support to people who have trusted you.

Obviously, you need to bemultidisciplinary specialist. But even if one person possesses the above-mentioned skills and other qualities necessary for such an activity, the question remains - will he be able to do everything without harm to his reputation?

Creating your own competitive VPN- Pleasure is not cheap and requires a lot of effort. But this does not mean that you should not try. Everyone has a chance to create a demanded, which means a successful project.