Why are people divided into righties and lefties?

According to statistics, every seventh person inthe world is left-handed. This conclusion was made in 1977, when scientists calculated that about 15% of the world's population prefers to write and work with the left hand. The exact reason for the development of left-handedness has not yet been identified, but today there are a fairly large number of different assumptions. For example, recently, scientists from the University of Oxford (England), found that left-handedness can occur due to the presence of a genetic code that causes the brain of some people to develop slightly differently than others.

According to statistics, left-handed people are mostly men, not women

Scientists have identified the difference between left-handed brains andright-handed, having studied the information about the DNA of 500 thousand people. These data were provided by the British Biobank, which in addition to genetic information collects and stores information about people's lifestyles, their body parameters and blood test results. Among all these people, scientists identified about 38 thousand left-handers, whose brain is quite different from those who write with their right hand since childhood.

What is the difference between the brain of right-handed and left-handed people?

The researchers found that two differentthe hemispheres of left-handed people are much better connected than those of right-handed people. It is noteworthy that communication is most coordinated in areas that are responsible for human speech abilities. Based on this, scientists have suggested that left-handed people are better at oratory, but so far they have no direct evidence. At the same time, left-handed people are more susceptible to the development of schizophrenia - a mental disorder in which serious problems with thinking arise.

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According to scientists, a person becomes left-handed beforebirth. The fact is that during the study of the genetic code of 500 thousand people, they found four areas of DNA that affect the formation of the human brain. It is precisely because of these changes, according to researchers, that people develop a tendency to use the left hand instead of the right.

What is left-handed worse than right-handed?

The most interesting thing is that the same geneticchanges can occur even in the body of snails. As a rule, their shells are twisted clockwise, however, there are individuals with shells twisted in the other direction. Snails with the “wrong” shell cannot be envied, because they cannot find a mate for themselves. This happens only occasionally if a male with a “reverse” shell meets a female with the same feature.

The snail shell is twisted counterclockwise

Left-handed people can also be challenging. According to the author of the study, Professor Dominic Furniss, in many cultures, left-handed people have long been considered unlucky and clumsy people. You can verify this simply by looking at the dictionary - in French, the word “gauche” can be simultaneously translated as “left” and “clumsy”. But the word “right” from English is translated as “right,” that is, one who is right and cannot be wrong.

Among scientists there are many left-handed people. For example: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla

Recalling this, Professor Dominic Furnissannounced that their study dispels the myth of the imaginary "unluckiness" of left-handed people. Not only is the reason for the unusual feature just a brain structure, so left-handed people can be more skillful speakers than right-handed people.

What is the cause of left-handedness?

However, put an end to the study of left-handednesspeople are too early. According to scientists, this feature of the human body is due to genetic changes by only 25%, and the rest of the reasons are in the environmental impact and conditions that have nothing to do with genetics. Research by British scientists revealed only a small fraction of the enigmatic mystery, because it used data only on lefties living in the UK.

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