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Why are overweight people easier to cure for cancer?

In the distant 2015 in the British serviceBBC News published research results showing the relationship of insufficient sleep and overweight with a high probability of developing cancer. In addition, we all already know perfectly well that obesity can trigger the occurrence of dangerous cardiovascular diseases, from which millions of people die every year. However, being overweight can sometimes be beneficial. At least Australian scientists are sure of this. Recently, they made a rather controversial discovery that overweight people can be cured of lung cancer much more easily than those who have ideal body weight. But how is this possible?

Being overweight is sometimes beneficial.

The discovery of scientists from Australia was described ina scientific publication called JAMA Oncology. They were able to find out that the treatment of cancer with certain drugs is much more successful and faster in overweight people. In particular, we are talking about a tool called atesolizumab. It is used to eliminate numerous forms of cancer, among which there are cancer of the lungs and breasts that are especially common in the world.

The benefits of overweight

That a cure for cancer works betterin organisms of overweight people, scientists found out in a study involving 1434 people. The article states that 49% of them had normal weight, about 34% were prone to obesity, and 7% were diagnosed with complete obesity. Some of them were diagnosed with lung cancer and the doctor used atesolizumab to eliminate it. As you probably already guessed from the headline, the remedy acted better precisely on people with addiction with obesity and diagnosed overweight.

Do you know why overweight people are prone to asthma and other lung diseases?

Researchers noted that their scientific workis far from the first evidence that overweight people are more likely to recover from cancer. And this is in the presence of the contradictory fact that obesity in almost all cases triggers inflammatory processes in the human body, which develop into cancerous tumors. Anyway, according to the World Health Organization, an average of 2.8 million people die from diseases caused by overweight every year.

Millions of people die of excess weight annually

According to the authors of the study, they dida very amazing discovery. Of course, their results do not push people to gain weight at all - the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases is much higher than recovering from cancer. However, if a person still has problems with being overweight, now doctors are well aware of how they are better treated for lung cancer.

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In the future, researchers intend to find out howother drugs against cancer affect people overweight. Perhaps, thanks to such scientific work, they will be able to save a large number of people from death.