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Why are electric scooters dangerous and should they be banned?

Today the problem of moving around citiescompletely solved - public transport goes everywhere, and dozens of taxi services are available on smartphones. In addition, for several years in a row, electric scooters have been gaining popularity, which can be bought at a relatively low price or simply rented. They are capable of accelerating up to 25 kilometers per hour, and allow you to quickly get to the right place. Young people and many adults are very happy with this convenience, however, some pedestrians look askance at electric scooter lovers - some of them behave too carelessly and put not only themselves but also others in a dangerous situation. In some circles, there is even talk of equating electric scooters with scooters and mopeds. Are scooters as dangerous as they seem?

Is it true that electric scooters are as dangerous as they are made out to be?

Interesting fact: The first electric scooters appeared in the 1900s andproduced under the Autoped brand. They were equipped with a seat and were often used by postal workers. Scooters are valued for their physical lightness and ease of use.


  • 1 Why are electric scooters dangerous?
    • 1.1 Injuries from a fall from a scooter
    • 1.2 Risk of an accident while riding a scooter
    • 1.3 Hitting a pedestrian on a scooter
  • 2 Should electric scooters be banned?

Why are electric scooters dangerous?

First of all, electric scooters are dangerous becausepeople ride them without any equipment. Society is sympathetic to the wearing of a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads when riding inline skates. But if a person puts on a helmet while riding a bicycle and even more so on a scooter, they often look at him as a fool. This is fundamentally not true, because bicycles and scooters are no less dangerous than roller skates.

For electric scooters, equipment is also important.

Fall injury from scooter

Electric scooters rarely accelerate above 25kilometers per hour, but this speed is enough to get serious injuries when falling. Usually people lose control if they are distracted by the phone or decide to adjust their clothes. At such moments, it is very easy to run into an obstacle and fall.

Falls from any vehicle can cause injury

When falling from a scooter, people usually damageforearm. This is due to the fact that when falling, a person extends one hand, while the other is still holding on to the scooter. In some cases, people are injured legs, thoracic and lumbar body or head. It all depends on the speed of movement, the characteristics of the road surface and a number of other factors. Of course, a fall from a scooter cannot be compared with a fall from a bicycle - in this case, a person flies from the height of his own body. But any injury can have serious consequences.

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Risk of an accident while riding a scooter

Despite the fact that electric scooters usuallyride on the sidewalk or cycle paths, the risk of getting into an accident still exists. This usually happens on a footpath - instead of dismounting, people drive at a traffic light at full speed, sometimes without even removing their headphones from their ears. Even when crossing the road on a green light, you need to be careful, because the car can be driven by the same inattentive driver and simply knock down a person. In this case, the injury can be very serious.

Electric scooters often get into accidents

Pedestrian hit by scooter

Sometimes electric scooter drivers run intoordinary passersby. Either side can be to blame for what happened, but the result is always the same - both people can get injured. It is impossible to predict which part of the body will be damaged, because again everything depends on the speed of movement and environmental conditions.

Electric scooters can easily run into pedestrians

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Should electric scooters be banned?

With the growing popularity of electric scooters,the number of accidents is also increasing. In some cases, after a fall or collision, people die from their injuries. Sometimes scooters are more dangerous than bicycles because they have much more mass and can cause more damage.

Bicycle or scooter - what would you choose?

The authorities are trying to fight it, but for nowmoment there is no effective way to reduce the number of accidents. They want to ban scooters from driving fast - the maximum speed is planned to be set at 25 kilometers per hour. In some places, this restriction is already in place, but many people do not want to follow the rules. It is difficult to keep track of violators, because it is impossible to put a policeman on every street, people are not always clearly visible on the records from surveillance cameras.

Finding perpetrators is sometimes difficult, even from CCTV footage.

Some sources talk about equatingelectric scooters to scooters. But many people do not agree with this decision, because in this case it is not clear where to ride scooters - is it really on the roadway? In this case, not only the number of cases with injuries will increase, but the number of deaths will also increase.

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From all this, it can be concluded thatThe question about electric scooters remains open. At the moment, you can only urge people to follow all the rules of the road and remember the responsibility not only for their own lives, but also for the lives of those around them. What do you think about electric scooters? Write in the comments or our Telegram chat.