Why are conspiracy theories so popular?

When was the last time you went online, notHave you noticed anything strange? It is worth at least a little to pay attention to comments under popular blogs, conspiracy theories of all stripes are striking. People of all ages with the stubbornness characteristic of students in the defense of a diploma prove that Mark Zuckerberg is a reptiloid, and GMOs are weapons of mass destruction planned by those in power. After reading this, you will most likely think that the world has gone mad. However, scientists believe otherwise.


  • 1 Where do conspiracy theories come from?
  • 2 Why do conspiracy theories still exist?
  • 3 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories
    • 3.1 Reptilians
    • 3.2 Zone 51
    • 3.3 HIV / AIDS does not exist
    • 3.4 GMOs are poison
    • 3.5 Secret World Government
  • 4 The brain is to blame
  • 5 Is humanity getting stupid?
  • 6 What future awaits us

Where do conspiracy theories come from?

Conspiracy theories accompany humanity onthroughout its history. If you think about it, it is quite logical and even inherent in our nature. We are afraid of what we do not know. And it becomes especially scary for us in situations of instability, for example, political, economic or social.

Imagine that the usual order of things moreno, chaos and confusion reigns around. You do not know what happened and who makes the decisions on which the life of you and your loved ones depends. And none of those you know understands what is happening.

Unpleasant situation, right? Now imagine that these shocks occur in the absence of the Internet and the media. What will you think? And your loved ones? It is possible that the first thing that comes to your mind will be the idea that the powers that be have conspired with each other and conceived something terrible. And after a couple of days, your friends will begin to seriously fear an unknown infectious disease. And you will think that perhaps all of this is somehow connected.

That is how conspiracy theories are born. Nobody knows anything, but everything around looks very suspicious, especially when a revolution or a great depression is booming outside. The heart of any conspiracy theory is absolute power, or rather its search. We like to think that there is a simple explanation for everything that happens. And even though conspiracy theories do not answer complex questions, they focus on the most mysterious evil in the world. And this, as history shows, is quite enough.

Why do conspiracy theories still exist?

Today, each of us has a device in our pocket,with the help of which you can learn almost everything in the world. Do not remember when Alexander II abolished serfdom? It doesn’t matter, just google it. Since 2007, people all over the world use smartphones daily and look for answers to a variety of questions. It would seem that here he is a world in which there is no place for conspiracy theories. But with the advent of the Internet, things got worse.

No one likes complexity. And to live in a world full of dangers about which nothing is known is simply scary. To feel comfortable, we are trying to somehow streamline the world around us. We invent all evil spirits, delegate power to it and - oh, miracle, it becomes easier for us. After all, there is someone who owns all the power and therefore you can not worry so much about your fate, because it was decided for us.

Religion works in a similar way. Our thinking is not perfect, and evolution has made us avoid danger at all costs. Throughout human history, a wide variety of beliefs have helped us build civilization. Conspiracies, monsters, angels and demons are an integral part of ourselves. And the Internet has breathed new life into them.

Psychologists studying conspiracy theories have found thatconspiracy theorists often become cynics and those who question the ways of government. When disasters or terrorist attacks occur, such people want to share their opinions with others, and we all know how simple it is today.

The Most Popular Conspiracy Theories Reptilians

Did you know that reptilians are humanoidintelligent reptiles that secretly live on Earth and seek to enslave humanity? This is one of the most popular conspiracy theories on the planet. Those who believe in the existence of reptilians believe that the founder of the Facebook social network Mark Zuckerberg, Russian President Vladimir Putin, former US President George W. Bush and a huge number of famous and not so personalities are reptilians.

This is what a sad reptiloid looks like - a statuette of the prize Honorary Academician VRAL

Least of all its love for reptilians hidesIgor Prokopenko. The host of the programs on Ren-TV and the incredibly prolific writer in 2017 became the owner of the figurine of a sad reptiloid. This award was awarded to him by the jury of the “Honorary Academician of VRAL” Prize (VRunic Academy of Pseudoscience) for his contribution to the development of pseudoscience in Russia. Congratulations again to Igor. She really needed to be earned.

Zone 51

Followers of the conspiracy theory of the so-calledZone 51, allegedly concealed by U.S. authorities, believes that in 1947, a flying saucer crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. But the military did not come up with anything better than hiding it in a hurry in zone 51.

It is believed that in area 51 is locatedUS Air Force Secret Base. There, the government is developing secret technologies and even weapons. This conspiracy theory is so popular that it went beyond the United States.

Frame from the animated series "The Simpsons"

Thanks to the countless mention of zone 51 inmovies and TV shows people around the world have expressed a desire to take her by storm. Let me explain: users of the social network Facebook (whose founder is a reptiloid, do not forget) created a meeting page, the purpose of which was to storm zone 51 on September 20, 2019. After more than 2 million people gathered, Facebook deleted the page. Do you think a coincidence?

HIV / AIDS does not exist

Perhaps this theory is one of the mostpopular in Russia. It is really dangerous: when a person infected with the AIDS virus voluntarily refuses treatment, he harms himself and others, as he deliberately does not take the necessary precautions and can infect loved ones, for example his spouse.

Popular comments on the Internet

Such people are called HIV dissidents. They are convinced that the human immunodeficiency virus is an invention of doctors and pharmacological companies. Existing scientific evidence of the viral nature of this disease is an empty phrase for them.

Unfortunately, this conspiracy theory has its ownguru. Olga Kovekh also known as “Doctor Death” in 2017 also received the title of Honorary Academician of the VRAL and the sad reptiloid. The figurine went to her for denying the existence of not only HIV / AIDS, but also the Ebola virus and viral hepatitis. In addition, "Doctor Death" actively opposes vaccinations (who would doubt it).

Millennium Question: Do I need to be vaccinated?

GMOs are poison

I hope most readers know that genesnot only in genetically modified plants, but also in ordinary ones. It would seem that there is such a thing, but if you do not know this, you can believe in anything. And especially that genetically modified foods are poison. You probably saw in the stores products labeled "non-GMO". Shame and disgrace, however, marketers were not mistaken - in the minds of mass consumers in all countries of the world, GMO products cause cancer, contain poison, and generally a nightmare.

GMO monster?

In fact, GMOs are good. With the help of genetic engineering, scientists can create a variety of organisms. Genes are constantly changing. They mutate themselves in living nature, this is called evolution. When working with GMO cultures in the laboratory, scientists can control the process of gene mutation. In addition, scientists change plants for a specific purpose - for example, to obtain plants that are resistant to any virus or to grow potatoes that do not need to be sprayed with pesticides because of the Colorado potato beetle.

Secret World Government

Surely among your friends there are those whoin any case, declares that the presidents of all countries are "just puppets" who do not decide anything. They are needed for cover in order to distract the attention of the general public from the secret rulers of the Earth. These dark cardinals, according to supporters of this conspiracy theory, decide the fate of the planet. And nothing that no one saw them, it only speaks of their omnipotence.

Frame from the series "The X-Files"

The Internet is full of clandestine articlesthe government is going to start a war, to arrange genocide and further on the list. Mass culture keeps up to date, filming a huge number of films and series on this subject. The secret world government - the cross-cutting plot of the series "The X-Files" and its basis. Apparently, it sounds very believable, especially when the state is in no hurry to share information with citizens.

The brain is to blame

Each of us is daily faced with the phenomenonwhich is called "cognitive distortion." Cognitive biases mean numerous logical errors, for example, errors in understanding cause-and-effect relationships.

Biologist and popularizer of science Alexander Panchin inOne of the many lectures gave a wonderful example of such cognitive distortion: as you know, roosters crowed with sunrise. But if you kill a rooster, this does not mean that the sun will never rise again.

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Conspiracy theories exist including thanks tothe many mistakes of human thinking. Therefore, there are often situations where sane people who are not adherents of conspiracy theories fall for these tricks.

Is humanity getting stupid?

However, some scholars believe thatexcessive dissemination of conspiracy theories may indicate an intellectual decline in society. So, the Russian biologist Alexander Markov believes that humanity is rapidly becoming stupid. In his opinion, "the evolution of modern society is directed towards genetic degradation, which so far is offset by socio-cultural development." According to Markov, negative selection by education genes went on throughout the 20th century.

The study can be confirmedIcelandic scientists. The results say that educated people breed worse. 110 thousand people took part in the study. And history shows that more educated people held an influential position in society.

What future awaits us

If nothing changes, our civilization is quitemay turn into the animated film "Idiocracy." In it, the main character, an unremarkable clerk, falls into the future and is surprised to find that he is the most intelligent person on the planet.

Frame from the film "Idiocracy"

When I add this article, I experience mixed emotions. On the one hand, there is a lot of evidence to support the opinion of Alexander Markov, and they are significant. And comments on the Internet, along with the popularity of characters like Olga Buzova, sometimes make you depressed.

Cognitive awareness on the other handmistakes and critical thinking skills can radically change the current state of things. There are studies proving that a six-month course of critical thinking at the university positively affects a person’s ability to think sensibly, which significantly reduces the chances of becoming a victim of conspiracy theories.

What do you think about this?