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Why am I for total control, for my own safety?

The world is rapidly changing before our eyes. What seemed incredible yesterday is a boring routine today. I’m talking about the Internet, smartphones, satellite communications, GPS and much more that literally burst into our lives in our memory. The younger generation was born with this and can no longer imagine how you can live without a cell phone. And those who are older with nostalgia remember the "old days." True, they are not in a hurry to abandon the benefits of civilization. And I understand them, myself like that. Well, who wants to deprive themselves of access to YouTube or ordering a heavy TV in an online store with free home delivery? But all these benefits ultimately create a digital footprint by which you can learn about us, if not all, then practically everything. Moreover, this does not even need specials. funds. Enough search engine and a little brain. So can it be time to apply all these technologies for the benefit of society at the state or global level? I would not mind.

Total control is already there, do not be fooled


  • 1 How to find information about any person
  • 2 Is it possible to protect yourself from surveillance
  • 3 How the state follows us
  • 4 Why are we being watched?
  • 5 Why are there so many cameras in Moscow?

How to find information about any person

Today, when it comes to confidentialitycitizens in almost all countries of the world (with rare exceptions such as China, North Korea, etc.) society is divided into two camps. Some people see nothing wrong with this and generally advocate social openness, while others are categorically against, referring to the constitution, laws, the right to privacy and privacy of correspondence. I perfectly understand the positions of both groups, but something tells me that “it’s too late to drink Borjomi” and this issue has long moved to a different plane.

Today, almost any student can become a detective

Judge for yourself, unless a person specificallyhiding from other people (for any reason), then even a schoolboy can find information about him. To do this, just enter the data into the Google search box and carefully examine the results. Then we find his social networks, photos (often with a geo-tag), a circle of friends (friends on FaceBook or Instagram). You can dig a little deeper and see the activity of friends, look for joint photos, etc. As a result, in a couple of hours you can put together a complete picture of almost any modern person. Where he works, how much he gets, what he is fond of, where he goes on vacation, etc. In some cases, you can even find your address and bank card number in open sources.

Is it possible to protect yourself from surveillance

Doesn't this collection of information violateprivacy and privacy? I don’t know, the question is debatable. On the one hand, all the information is in open sources and blaming you that you received this information is rather strange. On the other hand, the person about whom you collected this information might not have given consent for this information to be available. Of course, basically, from a legal point of view, to find fault is practically impossible. Almost any popular application or service has a privacy policy and it clearly states what the service can do with your data (almost everything). But firstly, few people read these documents, and secondly, we, as users, cannot do anything about it. Well, unless you use Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitch and further down the list. But we have already talked about this; few are ready for this.

Interesting fact: At the beginning of 2019 in Moscow it was establishedover 170,000 cameras. Today there are many more. In total, about 400 million cameras were installed in China at the beginning of 2020, and about 50 million in the USA

Separately, there are people who, for some reason,very kind to the information that remains of them on the Internet. It can be criminals, politicians, businessmen, and ordinary people who want to keep their personal lives secret. To one degree or another, they do it. But let's be honest: if suddenly we need someone badly, they will find us. And I'm not talking about Russia, it will be so in any country in the world. Unless, of course, you are a drug lord who follows a thousand precautions. But they are also found, as we know.

And what is the result? 90% of the population do not even think about the confidentiality of their data. What is carelessness, stupidity, indifference? Probably a little bit. But it’s important that today everyone can get information about his neighbor without leaving home. These are the consequences of technological development, which we will not give up.

How the state is following us

Specialist. services and police in all countries have access to all information. Even the one to which the average person has no access. This can be surveillance of a mobile phone, conversations, messages, SMSs, surveillance cameras and face recognition, access to cameras that are installed in your home and much more. If necessary, all this data will be obtained very quickly. You can amuse yourself with the thought that my messenger is secure or that I use secret chats with encryption, but this will not help. There are dozens of places from which you can get information about you. And they get it.

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There is an important argument that cannot beignore - this is access to sensitive data by third parties. Often people tend to come to terms with the fact that their data is available to the police and special. services, but do not want them to leak into open access or they could be bought on the black market. Their doubts are understandable, but isn’t this happening all over the world now? Is happening. And sometimes on such a scale that it becomes uncomfortable. Almost every month we read the news that tens of thousands of customers' bank cards or an intimate photo database or something else leaked in a country. I think everyone understands that often they pay very good money to those who have access to it. And also, to get information on only one client, you can merge data from thousands. So no one will suspect that the order was for a specific person. Options and patterns of mass, so what's the point of being afraid of what is already happening?

Why are we being watched?

And now, when we figured out thataround, can we already let technology work for our good? Total information control is already working in the gray zone, but is it time to bring it to the legal field? Indeed, in addition to the fact that such a system will effectively counteract crime, it can still greatly help in the situation with the coronavirus that is happening now. With it, you can track potentially infected people, their contacts, places of visits and quickly take localization measures. This was done in China and they won. And what makes the whole world worse?

Camera tracking systems have been proven worldwide

Why are there so many cameras in Moscow?

Today cameras in Moscow installed potochki onevery house. Those cameras that are at the porches are able to recognize the face, and those that are on the roofs of houses are designed exclusively for escort mode. Total control is already working, but we do not think about it. Today, to trace a person’s movement, you don’t need to invent anything, everything has already been invented for us. And the only limitation that exists is the legislative limitation. Now it is only a matter of time before it is removed.

The other side of total control isrebuilding human psychology. And this, perhaps, is even more important than the technical component of such systems. After all, if ordinary citizens (of which the majority in any state) know that the streets are being watched, a person is determined, movement is also established control - will they once again break the line of the law? I’m talking about everyday things: violation of the speed limit, driving through a red light, thefts on the streets or in shops, aggressive behavior in crowded places, etc. I think that this will become tens, if not hundreds of times less. Excellent experience in this we show the Scandinavian countries. In Sweden, people live so openly that you can literally find out what kind of salary a neighbor receives and find his income statement publicly available. I exaggerate a little, but just a little. In a social system, when everything is in sight, any criminal component goes sharply down.

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It is often believed that such a systemwill keep track of which mistress you went to or how much beer you drank while your wife thinks you're at work. But firstly: the wife will not have access to such information, and secondly: maybe then her, this mistress?

So it turns out that today the whole world is breakingspears, meanwhile, to make the total control regime officially recognized or to leave it in the gray zone. And if it already exists and works, then why not let technology work for the benefit of people, making our world safer in every sense of the word?

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