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Why a hearty dinner is just as good as a hearty breakfast

We all know for a long time that dinner should be easy,You can have a hearty breakfast only during the day, otherwise you can get obesity. This opinion has developed as a result of the fact that people with obesity, who stop having a tight dinner, begin to conceive to lose weight. But what does it have to do with it? Obviously, it's all about the metabolism, which is subject to the biological clock. From this we can conclude that in the evening the metabolism is worse than, for example, during the day. But is it really so? Employees of the University of Aberdeen argue that everything is not so simple, that is, you should not count on the effectiveness of a hearty breakfast and a modest dinner.

A hearty dinner, as it turned out, is no worse than a hearty breakfast or lunch.

Why there is no difference between breakfast and dinner

Researchers at the University of Aberdeenconducted a study in which a group of volunteers who were overweight, but still without health problems, took part. All participants were divided into two groups - one part of the volunteers had a light dinner and a hearty breakfast, while the other, on the contrary, had a hearty dinner and a light breakfast. Lunch was the same for both groups.

After a while, the groups exchangeddiet, that is, those who had a hearty breakfast and little dinner began to eat more in the evening, and less in the morning, and vice versa. As a result, during the study, each person experienced different breakfasts and dinners. It should be noted that breakfast, lunch and dinner were always at the same time during the experiment.

It was expected that a hearty breakfast with a light dinnerwill contribute to weight loss by burning calories, and a hearty dinner - weight gain. However, the scientists found that there really was no difference, as they reported in the journal Cell Metabolism. But what is the reason, because it contradicts the prevailing opinion?

Overweight people did not lose weight after they stopped eating heavy dinners

According to researchers, glucose levelsinsulin and blood lipids in people from different groups was the same. Moreover, they spent the same amount of energy. Accordingly, there can be no loss of excess weight in this case. Many now may be very surprised. However, according to the authors, the results of their work are consistent with other studies.

In one of these experiments, volunteers evenlived in a special chamber in which sensors determined the composition of the exhaled air, which made it possible to analyze the metabolism. As it turned out, the metabolism of people was the same, regardless of when they consumed a lot of food - in the morning or in the evening. But how then to lose weight, you ask? There are many options, but what you definitely should not do is to exhaust yourself with excessive physical exertion.

After a hearty dinner, people were more hungry the next day.

Why You Shouldn't Starve in the Morning

So, the difference between a hearty breakfast and a heartyno dinner. But what about the many people who start to lose weight if they limit their food intake during dinner? The fact is that between breakfast and dinner there is no difference only in metabolism. As for the subjective feelings of the volunteers, they were different. Those who ate a hearty breakfast had less appetite during the day, which is not surprising. And those who ate a tight dinner more like to eat the next day.

Perhaps the secret is that peoplewho eat less in the evening, then do not overeat the next day. In addition, if a person eats little during the day and feels hungry all the time, in the evening at dinner he can eat much more food.

However, it remains unclear why people whothey have a hearty dinner, they feel hungry the next day, because the metabolism and the amount of energy burned remain the same. Obviously, it is not associated with any lack of energy, but rather a phantom feeling. It follows that there is nothing wrong with eating a big meal in the evening. The main thing is to control yourself the next day and not overeat during breakfast and lunch.

To lose weight, it is important not to overeat and eat at the same time.

Finally, we note that the studytouched upon the topic of circadian rhythm disturbances. And we are talking about the biological clock. A person can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time, the main thing is that this happens every day at the same time. There is an opinion that a violation of the schedule can lead to negative consequences associated with metabolism. Therefore, it is important to consume food on time.

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In general, the problem of obesity has been worrying for a long time.scientists. It is quite possible that soon a way will be found that will allow you to get rid of excess weight without hunger strikes, diets and physical effort. Quite possibly, for this it will only be necessary to break the connection of fat with the brain. If you still do not know how and why the brain communicates with fat, then we suggest reading about it here.