Who will win? DSLR camera Canon 1DX II vs Samsung S21 Ultra (7 photos + video)

The popularity of photographs taken withSmartphone cameras is forcing manufacturers to use ever more powerful sensors and more cameras. However, how justified is the race for megapixels, and how is the quality of pictures taken with a smartphone comparable to pictures taken with an expensive professional camera?

Amateur testing designed forThe author, photographer Kevin Raposo's statement “just for fun” was made using a $ 6,000 Canon 1DX II professional DSLR camera with a 20.2MP sensor. On the side of smartphones, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra came out with a 108 megapixel sensor.

Raposo YouTube channel video format,invites users to independently determine which photo was taken by a professional camera, and which one - by a smartphone. The description contains the answers. At the same time, the photographer noted that the photos of the Galaxy S21 Ultra were not completely edited, with the exception of light cropping and were performed in the .jpg format, in various modes using their own software.

Canon left | Samsung right
Canon 1DX II images were taken in.cr2, slightly cropped and processed to match the Galaxy S21 Ultra colors, and then exported to .jpg format. As a result, the photographer showed that more megapixels does not always have a decisive influence on the quality of the images. You can also see that photos from a smartphone camera will be able to compete with professional images, and the differences will be noticeable only to specialists.