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Who is calling from unknown numbers and how to get rid of it?

Today, most people prefer to communicateusing instant messengers - calls to the phone are made very rarely. At the same time, during the day, almost every one of us receives calls from unknown numbers, which is sometimes annoying or even scary. The most appropriate response to this is ignoring. However, sometimes a person is waiting for an important call, and he has to pick up the phone. This is where the fun begins. It often turns out that a person is sitting on the other side and offering some suspicious service. And in some cases, only silence is heard in response, after which the call suddenly ends. These suspicious calls are known to telecom operators, heads of banks and other companies: sometimes they are their employees, and in others they are scammers. How to distinguish a safe call from a fraudulent one? Now let's figure it out.

Real crimes are committed using smartphones, so you always need to be careful

They call and are silent on the phone - what to do?

As a rule, such calls are made during the day.After picking up the handset, only silence is heard in response, after which the call ends. In 99% of cases, this is a robot that checks the subscriber's activity. If a person picks up the phone and speaks, then this number is being used and can be added to the call list in order to impose services and products. If the person does not pick up the phone, then the number is not used and it can be deleted from the lists. Sometimes people pick up the phone and remain silent - and this is one of the best reactions. So you can find out if this call is not important, and the risk of being whitelisted by spammers is at least slightly, but reduced.

What to do with a silent call? Pick up the phone and be silent.

Some calls from unknown numbers are relatively harmless, but there are also very dangerous ones.

It is noteworthy that sometimes silent callsperformed in order to record the voice of the subscriber. And this is very dangerous, because scammers can use your phrases like "Yes" and "No" to steal your money from your accounts and commit other scams.

Fraudsters can record a person's voice and use it for their own purposes

In general, the best option is to includenumber identifier. Such a function is available in the Yandex application, "Vkontakte" and in the form of separate services. As a rule, they already have lists of suspicious numbers, and if the user receives a call from them, a notification appears. In this case, you don't even have to pick up the phone.

Why else do they call from unknown numbers?

In some cases, calls from unknown numbersdo not stop for days and even weeks. And they usually call for a couple of seconds and from the same number. In this case, the person is clearly dealing with scammers whose goal is to interest the subscriber and make him call back. If you call the number, money is usually debited from the account, and a lot of it. So, if the attackers made the very fact of the connection paid, even in 5 seconds you can lose more than 100 rubles.

Fraudsters can force a person to call a paid number

Interestingly, in 2011 the Briton Lee Beaumontdecided to turn the weapon of the swindlers against them. He spent some money to connect a paid number and published it on social networks, message boards and so on. After that, he began to receive a huge number of calls from scammers and companies that offered their services. The man communicated with them with pleasure and pulled every call, thanks to which he earned, in terms of our money, about 180,000 rubles. Of course, the scammers and companies quickly realized what was happening and stopped calling him. In fact, Lee Beaumont got his way - he got rid of annoying calls and made good money.

British sly Lee Beaumont


Calling from number 900 - are they scammers?

From number 900, Sber Bank customers receive SMS notifications and one-time security codes. Sometimes calls are made from this number from a robot that can tell you about new services. But the bank support never calls from 900.

To steal money, scammers may pose as bank employees

If a person is called from 900 and when picking upthe call is said by a person - most likely these are scammers who used the number substitution function. In the event that a “support employee” asks to read out the code from the back of the card or SMS message, there is no doubt that they want to deceive a person at all. It goes without saying that no personal data can be given, otherwise you can lose all your money. The official website of the company gives the following recommendation:

Write the bank number 900 in your phone's address book. If the call is from another number, then on the phone screen it will be displayed as a combination of numbers that is different from 900.

Perhaps this is all that can be said aboutcall from unknown numbers. If you have something to add - welcome to the comments! Also, don't forget to subscribe to our Yandex.Zen channel, where there are articles that you haven't seen yet.