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Who founded the FIFA football organization and why is it needed?

In the 19th century, in England, began to recruitOne of the most important sports in the world is football. At first, this game was only heard by college students, but then they united to create common rules and football began to spread around the world. In countries where this sport has especially taken root, associations began to appear that organized games between different teams. At the beginning of the 20th century, football matches between teams from different countries began to be organized. It became clear that a single organization was needed in the sports field, which could organize international matches, monitor the statistics of football teams and perform other controlling functions. This organization in May 1904 became the International Football Federation, better known simply as FIFA.

Football is one of the oldest games in the world and today one is controlled by the FIFA organization


  • 1 Why was FIFA created?
  • 2 What is the structure of FIFA?
  • 3 First major football matches
  • 4 First FIFA World Cups

Why was FIFA created?

The football organization was founded in Paris,therefore it has the French name Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Its founders are representatives of football from seven continental European countries like France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain and so on. As you can understand, not all countries supported the idea of ​​creating an international football association, and it was a purely intra-European organization. Everything changed a few years after its founding, when it included the football associations of South Africa, Argentina and the United States.


What is the FIFA structure like?

The highest body of the organization at all times wasFIFA Congress. It includes each of the 211 national federations and their representatives regularly participate in the meetings where the election of the president of the organization is held, the venues for future football championships and other important issues are resolved. The process of voting for changes is quite simple - each federation votes "for" or "against", after which the votes are counted.

Current FIFA President Gianni Infantino

The President andgeneral secretary. Under the influence of the president of the organization is the Executive Committee, which is responsible for making decisions as a result of voting. The organization also has six water confederations of European UEFA, African CAF and so on. They have their own presidents, congresses and so on, the purpose of which is to follow the events in the world of football in different continents and regions of the world.

UEFA logo

Remarkably, that countries that have territories in both Europe and Asia have the right to decide for themselves which confederation they belong to. Therefore, in 2001, Russia was able to move from the Asian Football Confederation to UEFA.

First major football matches

The first football competition under the auspices of FIFAwas held two years after the founding of the organization, in 1906. The matches held failed to attract the attention of a large number of people, but the work did not stop. In 1908, FIFA hosted six football matches as part of the London Olympics. In the final, with a score of 2:0, the British defeated the players from Denmark. It is noteworthy that during the game in the semi-final against France, the Danish footballers won with a score of 17:1 - this indicator is still considered the most amazing in the history of the competition.

At first, football was not very successful.

First World Cups

After several competitions withinOlympic Games, it became clear that football began to attract the attention of an increasing number of sports fans. The FIFA leadership began to seriously consider the issue of holding the World Cup, in which football teams from different countries could measure their strength. When all the details were discussed, in 1930 the first World Cup took place. It was held in Uruguay and was won by the Uruguayan national team - in the final, they beat Argentina with a score of 4: 2.

Uruguayan player Hector Castro scores fourth goal against Argentina

Since then, the FIFA World Cup has been heldevery four years. In 2018, it was held in Russia, in which the French team won. The date of the next World Cup is scheduled for 2022 - the games will be held in Qatar.

The evolution of the FIFA World Cup logos

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